1500 W laser welding machine

As time goes by, people's understanding of laser welding technology today is that positive laser pulse is used to locally heat the material area, and the energy diffuses to the material through heat conduction to make the material melt and form a specific molten pool for welding. Laser welding is to improve the welding efficiency, while reducing the cost is the company's choice. The promotion of laser welding machine is more important than ever, It's easy to get and withstand, and it moves much faster than other welding processes*** The representative is the research of fuzzy control, neural network control and expert system of welding process. Welding flexibility technology is also the content of our research. Today, the editor of Wenzhou Pentium laser company introduces to you:


So, how to use shielding gas correctly in laser welding? Analysis of the correct use of shielding gas in laser welding: the role of shielding gas: in laser welding, shielding gas will affect the weld formation, weld quality, weld penetration and weld width. In most cases, blowing shielding gas will have a positive effect on the weld, but it may also bring adverse effects. In laser welding, the correct blowing of shielding gas can effectively protect the weld pool, reduce or even avoid oxidation; It can effectively reduce the spatter in the welding process; It can make the weld pool spread evenly during solidification and make the weld shape uniform and beautiful; It can effectively reduce the shielding effect of metal vapor plume or plasma cloud on laser, and increase the effective utilization of laser; It can effectively reduce weld porosity. In the application of automatic welding and welding consistency, laser welding technology is considered by the company to improve the welding efficiency and reduce the cost. Laser welding is easier to obtain and bear than before, and its moving speed is much faster than other welding technologies. In the application of welding consistency automatic welding, in order to effectively improve the work efficiency and improve the work efficiency of laser welding machine, Cost reduction is an important factor in all welding applications. This method is very effective in marking soda lime glass and borosilicate glass. Primary laser radiation is more effective in marking fused silica glass and quartz glass because of their low coefficient of expansion.


Due to the laser welder application, it is an unknown or undeveloped option for the manufacturer. Because laser welding is non-contact welding, it does not need the external pressure of the welding workpiece, so it can better protect the original shape and physical characteristics of the welding workpiece, and protect the integrity of the surface. Excellent laser equipment manufacturers can better solve these welding process problems, improve the welding quality, reduce the welding cost of users, and improve the speed and production efficiency. In addition, good working environment and correct operating habits are also conducive to extending the service life of the equipment. The water inside the chiller needs to be changed regularly during the maintenance of the cooling system. The general replacement frequency is one week.


Enterprises usually focus on technological progress to achieve these goals, but many operations may not consider laser welding, or think that the cost of laser welding is too high or too complex. At present, with the development of laser welding machine application technology, it is easier to obtain and undertake than ever before. The process also has obvious advantages in production efficiency, which can achieve rapid return on investment, especially for the application of sheet metal welding in high-tech enterprises. Detailed precautions for laser machine: it is strictly forbidden to start the machine without grounding. All parts of the machine must be grounded completely and reliably to prevent electrostatic injury. Every time after starting the submersible pump must check whether water, if not water is strictly prohibited to start work.


From the air intake to the exhaust nozzle of aero-engine, it needs to be applied to the current laser cutting technology. The current laser cutting technology has been used to solve the problems of cutting difficult to machine materials of aero-engine, efficient machining of large thin-walled parts group holes, high-precision cutting of blade holes, machining of special surface parts and so on. This has greatly promoted the development of current aircraft in the direction of high performance, lightweight, long life, short cycle and low cost, and has also added a lot of impetus to the development of the aviation industry. Prospects: lack of core competitiveness. The benign competition of Laser marking machine industry is to take the brand road: quality first, service first! Legal compliance, win-win cooperation and inclusive competition. With the continuous application of science and technology, the current laser welding equipment can meet the production and use requirements in different fields. Through such welding technology, the traditional welding concept is completely broken. In practical application and operation, the method is simple, the welding quality is reliable, and the intervention of manual operation is reduced, so that the welding quality is gradually improved, And in the field of production and manufacturing, it plays a very important role. It is a trend that fiber laser welding machine is equipped with laser welding machine fixture to realize the automatic production of hardware products or accessories, which can not only save labor, but also greatly improve the production capacity.


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