5g industry chain: laser processing of LCP / MPI antenna materials

For industrial manufacturing, more attention may be paid to new materials with 5g fire. Because efficient and high-speed production of them is the consideration of industrial manufacturing.

LCP and MPI are such materials. They are candidates for 5g era antenna materials, and each has its own characteristics and advantages.

5g antenna material industry chain structure:


LCP / MPI film + copper foil


Soft plate processing

Wireless Module

engraving machine

The application of laser in antenna material manufacturing mainly focuses on soft plate processing to improve production efficiency, save cost and improve production capacity.


In the antenna market, with the trend of high frequency high speed and miniaturization, lcp/mpi will be the substitute for traditional PI soft board / module.


5g Era

engraving machine

Why is antenna material selection so important


The transmission speed of 1.5g network is hundreds of times faster than that of 4G network, so the requirement of antenna material is more strict.

  1. in order to receive 4G or less signals, two antennas need to be added, and the antenna and RF components need to be redesigned.

5g Era

What are the selection of antenna materials

  1. LCP material, a new type of thermoplastic material, has low transmission loss, strong hygroscopicity and flexibility.
  1. MPI material, traditional PI soft plate modified material, has the comprehensive performance close to LCP material in the frequency range of 15GHz, with stable supply, high capacity and low cost.

5g Era

Application trend of antenna materials

  1. the antenna material LCP has been used in iphone8 and iphonex. However, the arrival of 5g commercial era will really open the golden age of LCP.
  1. LCP and MPI will coexist and be suitable for different frequency bands.

Laser & LCP / MPI soft board

LCP / MPI soft board is not only a terminal antenna and 3D sensing camera soft board, but also a miniaturized high-frequency and high-speed soft board. From the view of miniaturization of high frequency and high speed soft board logic, lcp/mpi soft board application includes antenna, camera soft board and other subdivision fields.


The laser cutting equipment of Dachi laser FCP soft plate can also be used in lcp/mpi soft plate cutting, which is fine operation, without consumables, high efficiency and high quality rate.

Laser & LCP / MPI soft board


The laser marking process will not produce any mechanical stress and deformation, maintain the material characteristics, and do not damage the product structure.


Han's laser FPC automatic marking machine is mainly used in FPC circuit board and other sheet production process, equipped with automatic loading and unloading structure, in which the two-dimensional code or character is identified by fiber laser

5g & Laser

Before 5g really comes, we can only imagine how it can change our lives, maybe intelligent AI driving, maybe new technology and new materials.

But laser technology has always served the manufacturing industry and contributed a part to 5g development!