A secret corner? Concave convex surface? Xintian laser will help you do it all

3C electronic products, such as mobile phones and earphones, are not familiar with our daily use. But have you ever experienced the experience of providing the serial number of electrical appliances during maintenance? I can only find the dense string and light gray print after several times. Have you ever wondered how the tiny information is printed in these secret corners?


Let's uncover the secret. Another laser technology, 3D laser marking technology, is used. How does 3D laser marking technology realize marking on uneven surfaces? This starts with the principle of 3D laser marking.

3D laser marking is a laser surface concave processing method. Compared with the traditional 2D laser marking, the requirement of 3D marking on the surface flatness of the processing object has been greatly reduced. Through the XYZ three-axis dynamic focusing mode, controlling the laser beam to mark on any three-dimensional surface, the laser marking on the surface workpiece can be realized more accurately, In the process of deep carving, it not only ensures the effect, but also improves the efficiency. The machinable effect is more colorful, and more creative processing technology emerges as the times require.

In order to better serve the development of 3C industry, Xintian laser launched 3D dynamic focusing Laser marking machine, which has a super long service life of 100000 hours and works continuously for 24 hours without maintenance. And it has high-precision 3D positioning technology, which can focus the beam at high speed and improve the scanning speed. The basic mode of laser beam, short pulse, high peak power and high repetition rate bring ideal marking effect for customers. It has 3D graphics processing technology and friendly operation interface. It is suitable for DXF, PLT, CNC, step, IGES and other formats. Photoelectric conversion rate is high, marking speed is fast, can save cost for customers, improve processing efficiency.

In addition to 3C electronic industry, 3D dynamic focus Laser marking machine can be widely used in mobile phone manufacturing, three-dimensional circuit, medical devices, molds, auto parts, electronic communication and other industries.

3D Laser marking machine, no matter how secret the corner can also meet the processing requirements, no matter how concave and convex the surface, it can also steadily customize the pattern. Laser changes human life and promotes the progress of science and technology. Xintian laser will continue to advance on the road of promoting the development of science and technology and contribute its own strength to the development.