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Laser marking machine is widely used in daily life of all. Laser marking machine is also called laser engraving machine, etc. different names are different in different regions and different fields. Because of different materials for production and processing of goods, laser marking machines are also used differently, For different materials in different fields, there will be different laser marking machine and equipment. It is not a difficult problem to select a laser marking machine with suitable commodity. Because there are many kinds of laser marking machines, it is necessary to master the characteristics and main uses of laser marking machines first, and then the most suitable laser marking machine can be selected. According to the division of light source, the laser marking machines commonly used in daily life include ultraviolet laser marking machine, optical fiber line laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine. Its basic principle is to use high efficiency laser with relative density of energy to conduct direct direct direction on the product workpiece, so as to make surface raw materials gasified or produce color change, and then leave a long-term clear and lingering mark. With the development of technology, the desktop laser marking machine, portable laser marking machine and portable laser marking machine with smaller and convenient capacity are used according to the application requirements and in order to improve the productivity; It can be integrated in the production line application of laser marking machine; It can be used in the 3D dynamic laser marking machine for the marking of inclined surface; The CCD visual positioning laser marking machine developed by the product is due to the difficulties of material delivery, poor precision positioning and slow speed caused by the design and manufacture of fixture in large batch irregular laser marking. The more diversified the equipment of laser marking machine, the more common the application scope.
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The UV laser marking machine is developed by using 355nm UV laser generator. The equipment adopts the third-order cavity memory over frequency technology. The laser kinetic energy cuts off the bonding between molecules or molecular structures, making it into small molecule water vaporization and volatilization. Compared with infrared laser, ultraviolet laser is a real and real cold laser, and the thermal power effect is very small, which can reduce the deformation of mechanical equipment of raw materials and the harm of production and processing heat at a very large level. Therefore, the key is to mark and carve by hand with ultra-fine laser, especially for food and medical equipment raw materials laser marking, microporous plate The rapid division of glass types and the main uses of the complex pattern laser cutting for single crystal wafer are discussed. UV laser lettering machine is a kind of product selected by customers with high requirements for laser marking effect. It has the characteristics of high photoelectric conversion rate, stable operation of the whole machine, high precision of laser elevation, high working efficiency, and the overall planning of modular design is conducive to equipment maintenance. The key is laser marking of plastic packaging bottles used in iPhone, skin care products, drugs, food and other fiber materials; Soft PCB laser marking, area; Silicon wafer microporous plate, buried hole production and processing; LCD LCD panel, glass container surface, metal coating, plastic function key, electrical components, gifts, communication equipment, building decoration materials, etc.
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The fiber optic laser marking machine is a very common model at present. It selects the fiber laser generator to output the laser, and then completes the laser marking by the software of the rapid scanner scanning vibration mirror system. The laser lettering machine has high efficiency in photoelectric conversion, and adopts air cooling method to cool. The whole machine has a fine volume, high cost-effective output light, high stability and long life, Green and environmental protection, can be carved by hand metal composite materials and some non-metallic materials. The bottom marking effect is to "carve" the marks according to the volatilization of surface chemicals, or "engrave" the marks according to the changes of the organic chemical state of surface chemicals caused by solar energy, or according to the solar energy burning a part of the chemical substances, highlighting the design, text, barcode and other patterns of the required ion injection. It is widely used in industries with deep, glossy and meticulous, and is widely used in IC, computer parts, industrial rolling bearing, clock, electronic devices and communication equipment, aerospace components, various automotive parts, household appliances, hardware tools, moulds, cable wires, food packaging materials, accessories The marking of many industrial patterns and texts, such as cigarette and military industry, and the large number of production lines work. The laser marking rate is 3-12 times that of the traditional generation of hydraulic piston pump laser lettering machine and second generation semiconductor material laser typewriter.

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CO2 laser marking machine, also known as CO2 laser lettering machine, is the key component of laser generator. It is divided into laminated glass frequency transmitter and metal material frequency transmitter. From the perspective of industry application, the metal material frequency transmitter has high cost performance and service life of more than 100000 hours, with a light wave length of 10.64 μ m. It belongs to the medium infrared frequency section, has a higher output power and higher photoelectric conversion rate. The CO2 vapor is used as the chemical substance in the work. CO2 laser marking machine will laser according to beam expanding mirror, scanning vibration mirror, focus, and finally finish marking performance excellent laser cutting equipment according to the deviation of the operating scanning galvanometer. The laser marking rate is also fast, and suitable for laser marking of most non-metallic materials. The bottom marking effect is to carve out delicate design, logo, date, logo or text according to the volatilization of surface chemicals, and then carve out the text. At present, CO2 laser marking machine is used in some places with more detailed and high precision. It is used in food, medicine, wine, electronic components, IC, electric welder household appliances, mobile phone communication, decorative building materials, PVC pipes and other fields.