Add weight to healthy drinking water by laser marking filter element of water purifier

With people's attention to the health of drinking water, water purifier has gradually entered thousands of families and become a necessary household appliance for many families. Filter element is the core component of water purifier. It plays a role in intercepting harmful substances in water. It is unnecessary to say that it is necessary to replace the filter element regularly.


Laser engraving machine DIY

Therefore, when we buy the filter element, we need to pay attention to check the filter material, production date, anti-counterfeiting mark, precautions and other information marked on the filter element.


The traditional marking method of filter element product information uses label paper printer to print information, which needs to be manually pasted after printing. It is slow and unevenly pasted, which also appears to be abrupt in design, affecting product aesthetics and corporate image. Secondly, the waste of paper resources and toxic substances in paint ink printing marking method to a certain extent caused pollution and damage to the environment, at the same time, the labeling method of sticker paper is also very easy to fall off, so there is a hidden danger of malicious tampering by bad businesses.


If there is a better alternative, it is laser marking. Laser marking technology has three characteristics: rapidity, reliability and durability. After setting parameters on the computer, the Laser marking machine can accurately carve clear and lasting logo or text and other commodity information in a few seconds. The marking is neat and beautiful, and can not be rubbed and changed, so as to achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect. At the same time, laser marking will not break down or damage the target.


Acrylic laser engraving machine

The Laser marking machine can mark the mainstream shell materials of water purifier filter element in the market, including plastic shell, including PP, PE, PVC, ABS and other plastic materials, stainless steel shell, toughened glass shell, etc.


Laser marking of plastic filter element

Ultraviolet Laser marking machine (muv-e-a)

Functional features

With 355nm "cold light source" configuration, the focus spot is small and the applicable materials are wide, which can realize the ultra-fine marking of various materials;

The core devices are imported from abroad with excellent performance, stable quality and long service life;


Integrated design is adopted, which integrates machine hardware, control system and working platform. It covers a small area and is easy to operate;


Independent research and development of marking control software, powerful, friendly interface, simple and fast operation, easy to learn and use;


Strong compatibility: support DXF, PLT vector and image format import; Support dot matrix font, TTF font and self-developed font; Support a variety of galvanometer correction methods; Greatly meet the needs of different levels of customers.


Process application


It is suitable for PVC, rubber, plastic, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, glass high reflection materials, etc.


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