Advantages of laser marking in brand anti counterfeiting

For a long time, fake and shoddy goods in the market have been banned repeatedly. The existence of fake and inferior commodities not only damages the brand image of enterprises, reduces economic benefits, but also damages the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. At present, China's property right protection system in the industrial sector still needs to be improved, and the road of safeguarding rights is extremely difficult. Therefore, improving the anti-counterfeiting of goods is the key point to protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and consumers and realize healthy and orderly competition in the market, and how to improve the anti-counterfeiting of goods is an issue that enterprises need to focus on.

In order to improve the anti-counterfeiting of commodities and crack down on the fake and inferior commodities in the market, many technologies have been applied to the anti-counterfeiting of commodities. In the early days, enterprises used stickers and labels to help anti-counterfeiting. Later, silk ink and inkjet technology were also applied. There are many hidden dangers in the use of these technologies for anti-counterfeiting of goods, such as with the passage of time, marks are easy to fall off, blurred and tampered with, and the cost of consumables is relatively high. Laser flight marking machine is a high-tech commodity integrating laser technology, precision machinery, electronic technology, computer and other disciplines. Now, it is precisely because of the advantages of Laser marking machine in helping commodity anti-counterfeiting that many enterprises use laser marking technology to help commodity anti-counterfeiting.

The advantages of Laser marking machine in anti-counterfeiting

Laser flying marking machine refers to a machine that uses laser beam to mark various surfaces of different materials permanently. The principle of marking is to expose the deep layer material through evaporation of surface material, or "carve" the required patterns and words through the chemical and physical changes of surface materials caused by light energy. The anti-counterfeiting code of the commodity marked by laser is difficult to be easily tampered with and erased. After focusing, Laser marking machine has small spot diameter and high peak power density at working point. It is suitable for very fine marking, which is of great help to the anti-counterfeiting of commodities.

Traditional one-dimensional barcode has the limitation of small information capacity, less coding symbols and must rely on background database. QR code can store more information and more data types than traditional one-dimensional barcode. Enterprises relying on QR code can establish a security query platform with larger data volume and higher security coefficient. QR code can be marked on the commodity by Laser marking machine, which can give the commodity higher anti-counterfeiting. Consumers can also upgrade user experience and improve brand trust by "scanning" to identify the authenticity of goods.

Laser marking machine has the advantage of "green and environmental protection" from maintenance to use, and there is no consumption of consumables during operation. At the same time, due to the working principle, it will not emit a large amount of pollution gas during the construction. A Laser marking machine can be used for a long time after purchase, and it will not increase the use cost and cost in the future. Therefore, for enterprises, the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting cost of a Laser marking machine is lower, and the longer service life also promotes sustainable cycle development, which is of great significance to support the long-term normal operation of each department.