Advantages of laser printing in aluminum electrolytic capacitor bushing

Laser engraving is a mature technology in the capacitor industry. As early as the end of 15, lesser laser cooperated with the capacitor factory to develop a "capacitor sleeve laser engraving machine", which mainly replaces the disadvantages of ink printing, traceability and anti-counterfeiting. Then it attracted the attention of the majority of capacitor manufacturers; Such as: Aihua group, Fengbin electronics, Lilong and other well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, gradually introduced and achieved favorable value. Let's take a look at the advantages of laser engraving in capacitor industry


  1. Reduce the production cost: laser engraving is a fully automatic flight engraving, without manual maintenance and any consumables, which can directly replace the human and material resources of the printing process. The cost of purchasing blank casing is much lower than that of printing casing.


  1. Improve production efficiency: avoid the cumbersome handover of rubber tube printing for each batch of orders, directly put on the corresponding blank rubber tube during operation, and there will be no redundant rubber tube inventory.


  1. Increase the added value: laser engraving technology can effectively inhibit the counterfeit of product identification, the laser engraving identification can not be erased, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is detailed; Moreover, it can increase the added value of the product, make the product look better, and enhance the brand awareness of the product.


laser engraving machine for metal
  1. Traceability: the laser engraved logo is permanent, which is conducive to product tracking record, printed product batch number, production date, shift, etc., so that each product can get good tracking performance.


  1. Environmental protection and safety: laser engraving does not produce any chemicals harmful to human body and environment. Conform to gb7447-87; GB 10320-88 standard, is environmental protection high-tech products.
plastic laser engraving machine
  1. Intellectualization: the Laser marking machine system can cooperate with the mix system, and use the scanning gun to import the information to be printed, so as to avoid the loss caused by manual input error.


  1. Equipment reliability: our laser engraving machine is a mature industrial design with stable and reliable performance. It can operate continuously for 24 hours. The laser has a service life of more than 100000 hours. It has high engraving accuracy, accurate control and no corrosion. It is completely isolated from chemical pollution. It is also a kind of considerate protection for operators and ensures the cleanness of the production site, The investment in the later stage is reduced and the noise pollution is reduced.