Advantages of metal label laser marking machine

Metal signs are also known as stainless steel signs. They are common metal signs, key signs, logo of manufacturer, information content, main parameters, or some design of practical significance. Because the main performance of metal signs in storage, wear resistance, appearance and layering is very prominent, it is widely used. The general material of metal signs is metal plate, which is widely used, such as stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy profile, aluminum oxide, zinc alloy material, iron, zinc alloy material, etc.

The characteristics of laser marking machine for metal materials depend on the accuracy, speed and stability of laser marking. Laser marking on the metal surface does not necessarily cover the surface with printing ink and other substances, but immediately mark on the surface of the metal plate according to the laser. And only according to the computer control, the actual operation is simple, can print out a variety of complex pattern design, text, two-dimensional code and other content, according to this advantage, the metal label laser engraving machine once on sale immediately occupies a large market share of metal surface solution. Wuhan Ruifeng photoelectric metal label laser engraving machine is cost-effective, not inferior to other well-known brands of product quality, with many years of laser product research and development work experience, the product technology is perfect, the equipment and machine parts are all high-quality well-known brands, commercial characteristics and safety are stable. Wuhan Ruifeng optoelectronic laser power has always adhered to the mentality of "quality first, service items second, price third" to provide customers with the highest quality goods.

On the whole, the metal label laser marking machine has the following advantages:

1. If the laser marking goods are not damaged, the laser engraving machine for metal signs shall be non-contact production and processing: the laser cutting head does not need to touch the surface of the factory name plate, so the damage to the laser marking goods is not considered.

2. It is widely used. The laser marking machine for factory name plates can not only print metal signs, but also carry out surface treatment for laser marking of non-metallic materials, such as wooden factory name plates, clothing and leather products, plastic signs, and even ceramic fiberboard.
mini laser engraving machine for metal

3. Reduce the application cost. Generally, the laser generator only needs 20W to meet the demand and save power. And it can also cooperate with other automation machinery applications to reduce the integration cost.

4. The laser marking on the surface of metal signs is clear and beautiful, which can indicate all kinds of logo, pattern design, two-dimensional code and text, and the pattern design is immediately hand carved on the metal signs, which makes the wear resistance more prominent.

5. Safety and environmental protection, relative to the traditional printing ink technology, laser marking technology, no organic waste gas, sewage, not easy to cause harm to workers or environmental pollution to the natural environment.

6. The laser marking of metal signs is faster and more efficient. After setting all kinds of main parameters, the surface marking of metal signs can be carried out in a few seconds to more than ten seconds.
Metal laser engraving machine

7. The actual operation is simple, customers only have to set the main parameters on the computer, they can immediately laser marking, not like screen printing ink, pad printing and other methods to make mold shell and other complicated whole process.

8. The processing precision is very high. The size of the light spot sent out by the fiber laser generator is about 20um, which is of great help in solving complicated patterns and precision machining.
Stainless steel laser engraving machine

9. The reliability of machine and equipment is good, because the non-contact laser marking technology of factory name plate is selected, and the laser radiation source is immediately sent according to the laser generator to create the pattern, so it is not necessary to replace the printer nozzle, printing ink and other parts as often as the traditional printing process.

Therefore, although the traditional signboard processing technology can also be used as metal signboard, compared with the laser marking machine, there are a lot of safety factors and beauty assurance. The application of new technology is to better fill in the old technology. It is believed that the laser marking machine will be familiar to a large number of people in the future.