Application and crystal removal of UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine is widely used, which has a lot of advantages than traditional laser generator laser lettering machine. So where can UV laser marking machine be used? How to deal with the crystallization damage during the whole process of application? Application and crystal removal of UV laser marking machine

Where is the high-power UV laser marking machine used?

The light wavelength of 355nm ultraviolet light is good for plastic digestion and absorption, and more and more are used in the field of coding. At present, the market is mainly dominated by 3-5w low output power UV laser marking machine, and the key is used in the production and manufacturing date coding of soft film ceiling. However, with the expansion of application scope, the application of regulations has been improved, More and more applications of ultraviolet rays with high power of 5W are required. For example, the white adjustable cover in food industry is particularly good for ultraviolet digestion and absorption. At the same angular speed of 25000/ hour, five watts of ultraviolet can be used.
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However, when encountering bright red, dark blue, emerald green, light yellow and other colorful covers, it is necessary to achieve the productivity of high-power ultraviolet rays up and down 5W, but the higher the output power of ultraviolet, the more difficult and stable it is, we expect customers to select the manufacturers with strong overall technical strength under the condition of selecting UV laser marking machine, such as: Dehui optical elite team. It is from French laser company, which holds the key technology of UV laser generator of UV laser marking machine. At present, it has the R & D and production volume of 3-18w UV laser generator. At this stage, it is a few manufacturers with high-power UV laser generator R & D ability in China, with affordable cost and high efficiency service projects
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How to remove and replace the crystal of UV laser marking machine?

In recent years, UV laser marking machine has been selected by customers because of the cost reduction, which is mainly performed in plastic materials. However, UV laser generator is very easy to blacken because of its crystal, which will cause the output power attenuation coefficient, which will harm the production and manufacture of customers. In addition, the production and manufacture of UV laser generator is in a very clean thousand class clean room. Therefore, the maintenance must be carried out in the thousand class clean room, and it is impossible to carry out maintenance on the spot, That leads to the high cost of waiting time for customers. Most Chinese manufacturers have no maintenance ability because they buy UV laser generator assembly, which leads to the failure to provide customers with high efficiency and low cost after-sales service. My enterprise, grasp the key UV laser generator technology of UV laser marking machine, has German standard clean room, can repair the work ability within two days after receiving the customer laser generator. Can deal with customer distress efficiently and quickly

1. The laser generator with excellent performance is selected to improve the reliability and the service life of the laser;
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2. The light has high cost performance, high photoelectric conversion rate and faster speed;

3. No consumables, no maintenance and long service life

4. Small size, high stability, water cooling and heat dissipation are used to reduce temperature, which is suitable for extreme natural environment work;

5. Easy to get started, personalized practical operation, can be removed and replaced laser marking content anytime and anywhere;

6. High precision, meticulous manual carving, suitable for most non-metallic materials;