Application case | application of delta inverter in engraving machine

With the development of manufacturing industry, the demand for high-speed and high-precision engraving machines in hardware, advertising products processing and other industries is increasing day by day, and the driver suitable for driving high-speed motorized spindle is also developing. Motorized spindle usually adopts frequency conversion speed control method, and its drive control characteristic is constant torque drive, and the output power is proportional to the speed, Speed regulation above fundamental frequency is also applied in more and more occasions.

High speed spindle motor can achieve high-speed operation, in addition to relying on the excellent high-speed characteristics of the motor itself, it also needs a high-frequency output inverter which can drive it to run stably. Delta C200 series inverter is a general inverter with high frequency output function. Its rich functions and good driving adaptability make it perform well in many applications.

This paper will introduce the application of high frequency output function of C200 inverter in the spindle drive system of a brand engraving machine. The inverter can process the workpiece at 900hz to achieve perfect effect.


The debugging equipment is a engraving machine of a brand in South China. The spindle motor is a domestic high-speed spindle. The motor has four poles, the power is 5.5kW (vfd055cb43a-20), the rated voltage is 380V, the rated frequency is 450hz, the rated speed is 13500rpm, and the maximum output speed is 27000rpm, The motor speed reaches 27000 rpm and the heavy load cutting test is carried out.

The following will introduce the debugging process of C200 in engraving electromechanical spindle.

Debugging steps:

(1) Before the inverter is powered on, check whether the wiring is correct and whether the grounding wiring is good and reliable;

(2) 00-02 = 9, restore the factory setting (base frequency 50 Hz);

(3) Check whether the model code 00-00 is consistent with the model;

(4) Basic parameter setting: the VF control mode is to set the parameters of the inverter according to the VF curve applicable to the motor itself, so that the output voltage frequency curve of the inverter can meet the VF characteristics of the motor.

01-00 = 900, the highest operating frequency is 900hz (before setting, it is necessary to make sure that the current inverter is high frequency version);

01-01 = 450 motor rated frequency 450hz;

01-02 = 380 motor rated voltage 380V;

When the high-speed motorized spindle works with load, it is generally necessary to limit the torque or current to ensure that the spindle will not be damaged due to excessive torque or current

06-06 stop operation immediately after torque ot1 alarm

06-07 over torque alarm current level

06-08 = 1 over torque time level 1s

06-12 maximum current limit of inverter output

01-12 = 5 01-13 = 5 acceleration and deceleration time is 5S

The parameter setting is completed.

Use the monitoring software to check the waveform of 0 ~ 900hz acceleration and deceleration operation.

Figure 2 shows the waveform of the motor during acceleration and deceleration. It can be seen that the DC bus voltage of the frequency converter rises due to the motor pick-up energy during deceleration, which triggers the brake resistance of the frequency converter to work, and the DC bus voltage is maintained within the acceptable range. It shows that the frequency converter can effectively control the output of the frequency converter during rapid acceleration and deceleration. With the help of the brake resistance, the DC bus voltage of the frequency converter can be maintained within the acceptable range, Ensure the safe and normal operation of the system.

This debugging also carried out the C200 heavy-duty cutting test. Under the same test conditions of the same machine, the 5.5kW C200 and delta B series 5.5kW inverter drive the same spindle motor. The cutting effect is compared, and it is found that the cutting effect is no different. The machining performance of C200 drive spindle motor is consistent with that of B Series in the same document. The C200 inverter has been affirmed by users on site.

Delta C200 inverter supports high-frequency output and drives typical applications of high-speed motorized spindle, which can fully meet the technical requirements of engraving machine industry for spindle system and further broaden the application scope of C series inverter in this industry.