Application of CO2 Laser marking machine in fruits and vegetables -- "edible label"

In recent years, CO2 laser marking technology is more and more widely used in fruits. Some imported or local fruits, in order to highlight the awareness of exposure, will be labeled on the surface of the fruit, indicating the origin and other information. This kind of label is easy to tear or fake, laser marking technology can mark on the peel, not only will not damage the pulp inside the fruit, but also can play the role of anti-counterfeiting, especially with new ideas.


As the saying goes, "food is the first thing for the people, food safety is the first thing". Food label is the carrier to transmit product information to consumers. Good food label management is not only an effective way to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, safeguard food safety, but also the need to realize scientific management of food safety. CO2 Laser marking machine marks "edible label" to escort food safety.


In particular, the innovative laser will not affect the life or taste of food, reduce the impact of traditional label paper on the environment, but also effectively reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The food Laser marking machine prints logo, date and other information on the surface of fruit, making the fruit label clear and easy to read. It not only solves the problem of wrong labeling of fruit and vegetable products in supermarkets, The problems such as the tampering of the production date and batch number on the package are eliminated to ensure the food safety and not leave opportunities for counterfeiters.


CO2 Laser marking machine is used to replace the traditional label, which avoids the problem of label falling off, realizes the long-term identification, achieves the dual effect of food traceability and anti-counterfeiting, and saves the production cost for retailers and suppliers. To bring new changes to food labeling, tongue safety issues will be increasingly improved, protect food safety, CO2 Laser marking machine with you!