Application of industry classification of Laser marking machine

The characteristics of liquor packaging in the market are as follows:


  1. Liquor liquid packaging mainly includes ceramic, glass, glass spray paint, metal tank. Wine packaging is diverse, with different sizes and shapes;


  1. Wine bottle caps include plastic, glass crystal, aluminum oxidation or spray paint, plastic electroplating, tinplate, single-layer, multi-layer wrapping, inner and outer caps, etc. in particular, the material of Maotai, Wuliangye and other bottle caps is very special, the structure is also very unique, and the anti-counterfeiting and anti-destructive are very strong;


  1. There are many kinds of wine box packaging, such as gold card and silver card carton, color printing film covered wine box, color printing wine box, transparent plastic wine box, iron wine box, wood wine box, etc;


  1. Wine boxes are mostly kraft paper corrugated boxes and cardboard color printing boxes;


According to the characteristics of wine bottle, bottle cap, wine box and wine box, Laser marking machine is recommended as follows:


Several different applications are listed below:


  1. The wine industry generally uses a 30 watt CO2 Laser marking machine to print the production date, batch number, product traceability identification code, area code, etc. for bottle caps, glass bottles, glass spray bottles, some painted pottery bottles, wine boxes, etc. in the packaging production line; The coding content is generally 1-3 rows. Chinese characters can also be typed for regional anti fleeing code or special wine products; It is used for marking the bottles of Baijiu and red wine. The 30W CO2 Laser marking machine can also be applied to the red wine stopper and cap for marking. The 30 watt CO2 Laser marking machine is the most common application. The CO2 Laser marking machine is a hot processing marking method. Depending on the thermal effect of CO2, it forms certain marks on the surface of non-metallic packaging materials. Wine bottles, bottle caps, wine boxes and wine boxes are mainly made of non-metallic materials, and the materials have a certain thickness, so it is easy to form obvious marks when laser marking, And the friction in the process of cargo handling can not destroy the mark. When laser marking, the thermal effect of laser will not affect the quality of the package.


  1. Ceramic bottles can generally use 60 watt CO2 code machine; It can reach the production line speed of more than 10000 bottles / hour. 60W CO2 Laser marking machine can also directly mark on the glass bottle body; The laser printing of 4 ~ 10cm large characters with double line font on the packaging box needs to be completed by a 60 ~ 100W high-speed CO2 laser printer.


  1. Special packaging materials should be coded with special laser equipment. For example, transparent glass bottles can be engraved with laser inner engraving coding machine, and the marking content can be engraved in the middle of the wall thickness of transparent glass bottles. The laser code will not damage the inner wall, and there is no tactile trace on the surface. Moreover, it can be used for special customization, and the pattern can be edited arbitrarily, as long as it meets the requirements of marking range. The special laser marking equipment has no peculiar smell of smoke and dust, no pollution to the environment and no harm to human body;


  1. The two-dimensional code is marked inside the plastic bottle cap, and the laser equipment usually used is ultraviolet Laser marking machine, because the traces formed by the ultraviolet laser effect on the plastic material have no touch and do not damage the surface of the material, and can only form gray or carbon gray traces with a certain contrast, which can be clearly identified. According to the different speed with different power equipment, usually standard configuration for 5 watts ultraviolet Laser marking machine. Some white plastic cover CO2 can not be marked, engraved no color, recognition is not high. When the optical fiber Laser marking machine is used for marking, the absorbance is not enough, which will form a burst point and fail to achieve the effect. This kind of plastic bottle cap usually needs to be equipped with ultraviolet Laser marking machine when marking. 5. The wood box packaging basically uses 50 Watt imported CO2 laser equipment or more than 60 watt domestic CO2 laser equipment for laser marking, because most of the marking range is large, and can only be processed in the static marking mode of man-machine combination. The Laser marking machine also needs to use special optical devices according to the hardware configuration of the equipment, otherwise the line fineness of the laser equipment marking can not be achieved. To learn more about professional laser marking knowledge, please pay attention to other contents of this website;


  1. The application of optical fiber marking machine in liquor industry is mainly metal bottle cap, tinplate cap and metal can. The working principle of optical fiber Laser marking machine is to remove the coating on the metal surface. It is generally recommended to use optical fiber Laser marking machine with more than 30W.