Application of laser marking machine in cable field

In the field of cable and cable, in order to better identify well-known brands, product varieties and meter counting, there are all kinds of marks on cable lines. Nowadays, most cable manufacturers choose printing ink marking machine to carry out bar code. Printing ink bar code, environmental pollution and application costs increase, printing ink consumption is great. According to statistics, the cost of printing ink purchased by a small and medium-sized enterprise in a year should be 400000-500000 or even several million. And with the improvement of field regulations, printing ink bar code has long been unable to meet the field regulations.

Nowadays, the laser marking machine (another name: laser marking machine, laser coding machine) has entered the field of cable. With its outstanding advantages, the laser can meet the requirements of the field, such as clear, long-term and so on, and is popular in the field of cable. Laser marking machine is used in the field of cable, which represents the date, batch number, famous brand, serial number, two-dimensional code and other marks of cable products. Once sprayed, it can not be changed, and has great anti-counterfeiting effect; It means that it can contain some fake and shoddy products, and avoid the illegal production of organic chemicals; It represents that it can contain the disorder in the field of cable and wire, and improve the quality of cable and wire products. In the early stage of laser engraving machine, the cost of capital investment will be higher, but it does not have all consumables, power consumption and output power is relatively low, which will certainly benefit a lot in the long run.

At present, the key laser applications of cable line code are divided into: CO2 laser marking machine, fiber line laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine

Among them, carbon dioxide laser marking machine and optical fiber line laser marking machine produce discoloration by burning the surface of the cable, which will damage the surface of the cable and cause heavy smoke.
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The 355nm short wavelength of ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to the cold laser. The key is to cut off the organic chemical molecular bonds on the surface of the cable to produce discoloration, which does not damage the surface of the cable. In the future, more and more cables will use ultraviolet laser marking machine to make bar code. Ultraviolet laser belongs to "cold drawing", which can cut off the ion bonds in raw materials (especially organic materials) or surrounding materials, resulting in the non thermal destruction of raw materials in the whole process, and then complete the fading reaction. This kind of cold drawing has a unique practical significance in the production and processing of laser marking, because it is not thermal damage, but does not cause "thermal damage" adverse reactions, cut off the cold detachment of ionic bonds, so it does not cause heating or thermal deformation to the inner layer and surrounding areas of the surface layer to be produced and processed.

At present, in the fields of non transparent plastic goods, soft film ceiling packaging, cable and pipe fittings, UV has excellent application because of good digestion and absorption, less heat destruction.
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The above is the application of laser marking machine in the field of cable and cable that I will introduce to you in detail. At present, Nanjing Dehui is a rare laser marking machine manufacturer with the R & D and production capacity of ultraviolet laser marking machine laser generator products in China. Nanjing Dehui elite team is from rofin, France, the French laser leader. The UV laser marking machine manufactured according to the French processing specifications has reliable quality and low price.