Application of Laser marking machine in cable industry

In order to distinguish product brand, product type, meter and so on, the cable industry will have all kinds of marks on the cable. Now most cable manufacturers use ink jet printer for inkjet printing. Ink jet printing, pollution and high cost, ink consumption is huge. It is understood that a medium-sized enterprise a year to purchase ink costs to reach 400000-500000 or even millions. And with the improvement of industry requirements, ink jet printing has been unable to meet the industry requirements.


Nowadays, Laser marking machine (alias: Laser marking machine, laser inkjet printer) has entered into the cable industry. With its outstanding advantages, laser can meet the requirements of the industry, such as clear and lasting, and is widely popular in the cable industry. The application of laser inkjet printer in cable industry means that the date, batch number, brand, serial number, two-dimensional code and other marks of cable products can't be changed once they are sprayed, which plays an important role in anti-counterfeiting; It means that we can resist part of the fake and shoddy products and prevent illegal manufacturers from taking advantage of them; It means that it can resist the chaos of wire and cable industry to a certain extent, so as to improve the quality of wire and cable products. Laser inkjet equipment early investment costs will be higher, but it does not have any consumables, power consumption is also relatively low, in the long run absolute benefits.


At present, the laser used in cable inkjet mainly includes: CO2 Laser marking machine, optical fiber Laser marking machine and ultraviolet Laser marking machine


Carbon dioxide Laser marking machine, fiber Laser marking machine by burning the surface of the cable to form discoloration, will damage the surface of the cable, and smoke.


UV Laser marking machine 355nm short wavelength, belongs to the cold laser, mainly by breaking the surface of the cable plastic chemical molecular bonds to form discoloration, no damage to the surface of the cable. And adapt to a variety of materials, more and more cables will use UV Laser marking machine to spray code in the future.


Laser marking is to use laser beam to make permanent marks on different material surfaces.


Ultraviolet laser belongs to "cold working", which can break the chemical bonds in materials (especially organic materials) or surrounding media, and make the materials undergo non thermal process damage, so as to realize the discoloration reaction. This kind of cold working is of special significance in laser marking, because it is not thermal ablation, but cold peeling without "thermal damage" side effect and breaking the chemical bond, so it does not produce heating or thermal deformation on the inner layer and nearby area of the machined surface.


At present, in the non transparent plastic products, soft film packaging, cable pipe and other industries, due to the good absorption of UV, thermal damage is small, has a good application.


The above is the application of Laser marking machine in the cable industry introduced by Xiaobian. At present, Nanjing Dehui is one of the few Laser marking machine manufacturers with UV laser R & D and production capacity in China. The team of Nanjing Dehui comes from German laser giant rofin. According to the German process standard, the quality of the UV Laser marking machine is reliable and the price is close to the people.