Application of laser marking machine in sanitary ware

With the development trend of social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements on the quality of sanitary ware are becoming higher and higher. The role of sanitary ware is not only the traditional definition of bathing, but also the quality and appearance of sanitary ware immediately endanger the comfort of the natural environment. In order to better differentiate the competition and characteristics, the appearance of bathroom products must produce the information content of pattern design and logo, and the precision of pattern design and logo identification will immediately endanger the appearance and quality of goods. In order to give better quality and appearance of sanitary ware, and better visual feast, many manufacturers of sanitary ware choose laser marking machine one after another to make beautiful and elegant design and logo of sanitary ware appearance.

1. Because the laser marking is different from the traditional one, the laser marking uses the laser with high efficiency and relative energy density to carry out partial direct irradiation on the workpiece of sanitary ware products, so as to gasify the surface raw materials or produce the chemical change of hue change, thus leaving a permanent mark. It is a reasonable way of anti-counterfeiting identification;

2. Laser marking machine does not cause any harmful compounds to the body and the natural environment. It is a new technology product for environmental protection and safety;

3. The laser can mark the raw material itself with very fine light, and print with high precision, accurate operation, clear interpretation of the printing content. It has strong competitiveness, environmental protection and safety, without all corrosion, completely blocking the organic chemical environmental pollution. It is also a kind of warm maintenance for the actual operation staff, It ensures the clean environment of the production site, reduces the capital investment in the middle and later period, and reduces the noise pollution.

4. At the same time, today's laser cutting equipment uses computer system software to operate, which can produce all kinds of text, marks and pattern design on the bathroom products. It is not only convenient for practical operation, but also has rich functions, which can greatly achieve today's bathroom products with a variety of colorful signs,
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Laser marking machine is based on the application of focus light to carry out laser marking on the surface of raw materials. When light interacts with the surface of the raw material, it changes the characteristics and appearance of the raw material. This kind of centralized light only focuses on special areas, so that the laser marking machine can establish accurate, high-quality, negative color logo, which can basically be loaded or scanned on all the surface. This function makes the laser marking machine particularly suitable for laser marking of precision and permanent products.

The word "laser" is actually the acronym for "the light emitted by the stimulated radiation source becomes larger". The laser is gradually excited to release molecules of light particles. The light can be concentrated and correctly directed to the laser marking area. The released kinetic energy is measured accurately by optical wavelength or Nanotechnology (nm). The higher the wavelength, the stronger the laser.
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For example, the green laser with 532nm wavelength gives lower output power to identify the raw material of thermistor. On the other hand, the output power of the fiber laser generator is 1070nm, which can give higher output power to identify hard raw materials, such as metal materials.
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Compared with other impermeable laser marking process (such as printing or marking), laser marking machine does not use consumables and requires less maintenance. We provide fast and reliable customer application, including two hours of response speed and free standard test products, to increase all normal operation time and the main force of system software production.