Application of laser marking technology in cable


Application advantages of laser marking on cable

With the gradual expansion of the scale of many emerging fields in China, the market demand for cables is increasing day by day, such as the construction of national smart grid, the large-scale construction of wind power generation base, the close implementation of nuclear power strategy, the development of new energy such as photovoltaic and photothermal, and the development of emerging industries such as rail transit, aviation, submarine power transmission, new energy vehicles and charging piles, It brings the corresponding cable demand.


With the increasing demand for cables, the production cost of manufacturers is increasing. The ink jet printer consumables used for marking become the invisible cost that manufacturers can not compress. At the same time, the ink falls off and cannot be traced in the process of using the identification of wires and cables. The environment of cables is generally exposed in the air or buried underground, Therefore, ink jet marking is often worn off, it is difficult to continue to play a role.


Laser marking technology is a key technology in cable manufacturing, which has the advantages of high precision, high speed and stable performance. The cable marking with laser marking is not easy to wear, cannot be changed, and does not produce harmful gas. It can clearly display the product specifications, standard certification and other information on the cable, which not only makes up for the traditional ink jet code easy to fall off, but also makes up for the traditional ink jet printing The disadvantage of non environmental protection can also prevent product information from being tampered with.

The rapid development of China's cable industry market will provide a broad application prospect for the further expansion of laser marking market.

Application of laser marking on cable

At present, the laser marking equipment used for cable identification is mainly divided into: carbon dioxide Laser marking machine, optical fiber Laser marking machine and ultraviolet Laser marking machine. Carbon dioxide Laser marking machine, fiber Laser marking machine by ablating the surface of the cable to form discoloration, will damage the surface of the cable, and smoke.

UV Laser marking machine 355nm short wavelength, belongs to the cold laser, mainly by breaking the surface of the cable plastic chemical molecular bonds to form discoloration, no damage to the surface of the cable. And adapt to a variety of materials, more and more cables in the future will use UV Laser marking machine to identify.

Ultraviolet laser belongs to "cold working", which can break the chemical bonds in materials (especially organic materials) or surrounding media, and make the materials undergo non thermal process damage, so as to realize the discoloration reaction. This kind of cold working is of special significance in laser marking, because it is not thermal ablation, but cold peeling without "thermal damage" side effect and breaking the chemical bond, so it does not produce heating or thermal deformation on the inner layer and nearby area of the machined surface.

Next, let's learn about the application of laser marking technology in cables

  1. Huagong laser

The online Laser marking machine launched by Huagong laser is praised as "Flying Eagle series" by customers for its "flying" marking speed. Feiying series online Laser marking machine can carry out non-contact high-quality laser marking for fast-moving products according to the needs of users. The handwriting of the mark is clear and eye-catching, and can never be erased. It has the incomparable advantages of ink-jet and coding.

  1. Tianhong laser

The ultraviolet Laser marking machine produced by Tianhong laser adopts imported high-quality laser with high photoelectric conversion efficiency and 355nm wavelength output; The laser power can be selected, and the specialty should be responsible for the marking and precision drilling of special materials in industrial processing; It is widely used for marking the surface of packaging bottles (boxes) of high polymer materials such as food, medicine, cosmetics, electric wires, etc., and for marking micropores (pore diameter D ≤ 10um).

The following is the laser marking cable diagram of Tianhong laser. 3. Dehui Optoelectronics

The ultraviolet Laser marking machine developed by Dehui optoelectronics has 355nm cold light source, which is smokeless and pollution-free. It can mark different materials permanently. It is widely used in non transparent plastic products, soft film packaging, cable pipes and other fields.

  1. BOT laser

The laser marking inkjet printer for wire and cable produced by Bote laser can meet the general marking requirements, and the stable operation quality and high-definition laser marking can meet the requirements of clear, durable and easy to distinguish marking for wire and cable products; It can mark at different angles at any time, 360 degree marking angle, circle, bend, bar, etc., or print factory logo, specification, date and other product information at the bottom, side and top, meeting the requirements of wire and cable industry standards and special applications; It can meet the requirements of micro information printing. It can print all kinds of complex graphics or factory standards and standard certification, such as TUV, UL, CE, etc.