Application of laser marking technology in glass wine bottle

Laser marking helps the rapid development of glass wine bottle industry

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers' anti-counterfeiting awareness of the purchased products is also gradually improving, and the labeling and requirements of product information are also higher and higher. The government and relevant departments have constantly issued new laws and regulations, which are strictly regulated and managed.


In the daily consumer goods, the consumption of Chinese wine is the carrier of Chinese traditional culture. With the continuous prevalence of wine culture and the continuous growth of wine consumption, manufacturers pay more attention to the labeling of wine bottle product information. As an important witness of wine culture, glass wine bottle is an important part of wine culture.


At the beginning, the manufacturer used inkjet technology to control and track the quality of wine bottles, strengthen the management of sales channels and warehouse management, thus winning the trust of consumers.


But with the development of science and technology, laser marking technology emerges as the times require. Compared with traditional marking technology, laser marking technology has obvious advantages: first, its marking speed is beyond the traditional marking technology, which greatly improves the processing efficiency; Second, the patterns and words marked by the Laser marking machine are clear and durable, and its lines can even reach the millimeter to micron level, which has a strong anti-counterfeiting function; Thirdly, the non-contact processing method is adopted in the surpassing Laser marking machine to minimize the thermal effect and avoid the deformation of the processing material; Fourth, the advantages of Laser marking machine, such as no consumables, no environmental pollution, one-time forming, reduce the production cost and environmental pollution risk for enterprises.


At present, with the development of laser technology and the continuous improvement of automation level, laser has been widely used in the bottle wine industry, and the excellent performance advantage is gradually replacing the traditional processing methods.

Application of laser marking technology in glass wine bottle

Laser marking beer bottle

Laser marking beer bottle is mainly focused on the surface of beer glass bottle by high-energy laser beam. Under the action of high-energy laser, the surface layer is physically vaporized in a very short time, so as to leave a smooth and textured marking pattern on the surface. At the same time, it can also control the effective displacement of laser beam, and accurately mark the exquisite pattern text on the surface of beer bottle.

Laser marking glass wine bottle

In addition to the product information of wine bottles, for the sake of beauty, manufacturers usually use laser marking glass wine bottles. Under the background of laser marking pattern, glass bottles emit unique light and color, thus expressing the noble and elegant of wine bottles.

Laser marking technology can carve special marks on wine bottles according to customers' needs, and turn the language you want to express into pictures and texts carved by Laser marking machine, so as to convey your mind. The laser carving pattern fills the blank of the glass bottle, enriches the overall image, enhances the visual beauty, and reflects the natural flow of the wine body between the irregular concave and convex.

Application cases

  1. Shangtuo laser

Ultraviolet Laser marking machine

The UV Laser marking machine produced by shangtuo laser has the advantages of good beam quality, small focusing spot, ultra fine marking, maintenance free, no consumables, low cost, power saving and energy saving. It is widely used in glass, ceramics, two-dimensional code and trademark, consumer electronics, mobile phone parts, plastics, biomedical glass marking, capacitive touch screen ITO etching, etc. 2. Huagong laser

Flyover fiber Laser marking machine

The "flyover" series fiber Laser marking machine launched by Huagong laser adopts high-quality fiber laser and high stability galvanometer system, which can easily meet most common laser marking applications, such as metal / non-metal / plastic characters, text patterns, logo marking, 2D code marking, etc. It is mainly used in the field of marking accuracy.