Application of ultraviolet Laser marking machine in switch panel

The switch panel is mainly made of plastic. In order to identify, many switch buttons will be marked with some words or images on their surface, such as exhaust fan; Bed lamp; wait. In the old days, users would choose to look for stickers or write on the surface of unmarked buttons, but this method is neither beautiful nor durable. Therefore, the emergence and use of ABS switch panel Laser marking machine has more advantages. The following describes the application of UV Laser marking machine in the switch panel.


Marking on the plastic electrical switch panel usually changes the color under the surface of the material, such as carbonization. When using UV Laser marking machine, blackening marking can be achieved by selectively carbonizing the lower layer of plastic surface. The input of heat energy is limited in a small designated area, so that the marking content and background material can be clearly distinguished and easily identified. Laser marking machine in the marking of plastic switches, in addition to free of consumables, environmental protection, but also has the characteristics of high speed, good marking effect, strong anti-counterfeiting, widely welcomed by enterprises. Wuhan Ruifeng photoelectric laser equipment is cost-effective, with more than 10 years of laser research and development experience, product technology is mature, product performance is safe and stable. The company follows the business philosophy of "technological innovation, product innovation and service innovation" to provide customers with the best quality products and services.


The application of UV Laser marking machine has attracted much attention because it has created a new way of marking plastic materials. The output energy of short wavelength ultraviolet laser stimulates the photochemical reaction of materials, and the ultraviolet laser avoids the excessive heat transfer. The marking of ultraviolet laser is fast and has high resolution. The material will be damaged due to water intrusion. When processing some sensitive materials, such as plastics containing flame retardants, UV laser can achieve high resolution marking, and obtain better surface quality and ideal processing speed. Compared with the infrared and green lasers, the UV laser does not need any expensive laser sensitive additives in material processing, and can obviously achieve the marking quality.


The above is the application of UV Laser marking machine in the switch panel. The UV Laser marking machine belongs to cold processing, so the plastic surface will not be damaged, the pattern is more exquisite, and the touch is not felt. It is loved by everyone. It can realize the engraving of logo trademark, text, two-dimensional code, pattern, serial number, serial number, symbol, random code number on the product, and has the advantages of high speed, low cost, low cost and low cost It has the advantages of high production efficiency, long service life, simple operation, zero consumables only need to be electrified, pattern text can be modified at will, labor saving, environmental protection and energy saving, and the carved text and pattern have the effect of lasting no fading and no falling off.