Application of Yizheng Laser marking machine in jewelry industry

We often see patterns or models on jewelry. Such patterns or models are carved on jewelry by Laser marking machine. How can Laser marking machine carve on jewelry?


The Laser marking machine for jewelry carving on the surface of jewelry is to evaporate the surface material of the material by high-energy laser beam, so that the surface material has physical and chemical changes, and then etch the required pictures and words to form a lasting logo, and the content is not constrained, and can recognize pictures, figures and logos.


But there are many devices can depict, why choose Yizheng Yahui jewelry Laser marking machine? Because the precision of jewelry Laser marking machine is very high, and the marked words are more exquisite. The jewelry industry belongs to the exquisite decoration industry. Of course, it also needs to use exquisite equipment for finishing. Now many people like to carve some other exquisite patterns on jewelry, which can be easily done by Yizheng Yahui jewelry Laser marking machine, And it won't hurt the jewelry.

What are the advantages of Laser marking machine for jewelry processing?

The output laser is the fundamental mode, and the diameter of the focused spot is less than 20, which is especially suitable for jewelry processing.

The overall design of the machine, small size, does not occupy the site, in a certain impact, sensation, high temperature or dust and other harsh environment can also operate normally.

Service life up to 100000 hours.

No protection, laser does not need to do any protection, no need to adjust or clean the lens.

The processing speed of Laser marking machine is several times faster than that of traditional processing method.

Yizheng Yahui Laser marking machine has a wide range of applications, such as: electronic components, electrical appliances, telecommunications, air and motorcycle accessories, precision hardware, gift accessories, medical equipment, glasses and clocks, instruments, kitchen and sanitary ware and other industries can process and mark.