Apply laser engraving to firearms: German company launches customized service to carry out personality to the end

Have you ever thought about a gun that really belongs to you, carving your favorite pattern on the gun body or parts? Lesoltac, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, uses special laser engraving technology to make your wish come true. Lesoltac has long been committed to the general laser processing technology, personalized customization of firearms, parts and accessories. They say they can use laser to carve on almost any surface from steel to plastic and glass. All4shooters came to the company to learn more about their technology.


Alexander Gaus, lesoltac's boss, received reporters and said they had been studying the use of laser engraving technology to customize sports rifles, shotguns and shooting equipment. Alexander took out a magazine with a picture of Vincent (John Travolta) from the movie "vulgar novel" on it. The design was very exquisite. Alexander said that they used the laser developed by the United States for high-quality carving, and modified the best parameters according to different materials, so as to attract potential customers through high-quality products. The carving process lasts from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on the complexity of the image and the type of material. The finer the image, the more time it takes to carve.

Laser technology can carve personalized patterns on almost any material surface, not only visually, but also tactically. The patterns can be made into concave or convex according to the needs. Laser engraving patterns can resist the influence of corrosive substances (including gasoline and engine oil) and temperature. Special equipment allows them to carve on the surface of cylinder or cone. At present, lesoltac's equipment is unable to produce color patterns, but combining laser engraving with other methods (such as cerakote coating) can achieve quite interesting results. The picture shows Jules (Samuel Jackson) in the movie vulgar novel on the magazine.


Lesoltac can not only carve on firearms, in fact, personalized carving of firearms is only a small part of the field of laser carving. Laser engraving machine is very suitable for carving souvenirs, carving logos, patterns and words on various products and gifts. Such products have a unique and attractive appearance, and the durability of carving makes such patterns or words permanent on the surface of the object. On the sleeve of this colt 1911A1 pistol, the poster of the horror movie "clean up" is carved.

Laser engraving can carve all kinds of patterns that users want on glass, ceramics, stone, rubber, metal, plastic and other materials. Due to the special processing method, the perfect pattern can be carved on the small parts. This is a "clown" carved on the sleeve end cap of Glock pistol. It is very exquisite and has a great personality.

Alexander said that lesoltac allows users to get the perfect carving products, and its expressiveness needs the eyes and aesthetics of the sculptor to complete. Laser engraving technology is very special. It can even be carved on the surface of easily worn parts, such as magazine, which is really very attractive.