Are Chinese laser cutters any good?

The reason why foreign laser cutting equipment is ahead of domestic equipment is that the development of foreign laser industry is relatively early, that is to say, when domestic does not know the existence of laser cutting equipment, foreign laser cutting machines have been widely used in industrial production. In the face of such a situation, many domestic experts in the laser industry continue to develop new products, research new laser technology, and finally opened up a new road in the use of laser cutting machine.
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If you want to say the detailed ranking, it's really not clear. It seems that there is no official ranking list. But I heard that Hongshan laser is a good brand of laser cutting machine in China. Last year, when we changed the equipment, we bought the Hongshan laser machine recommended by our friends. Later, we found that their machine had stable performance, fast cutting speed, and simple interface operation. After their technical personnel training, our staff could basically operate by themselves, which was very good
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The domestic laser industry has broken the monopoly situation of foreign giants through independent innovation in the past decade. At present, Han's laser (Shenzhen), lingchuang laser (Jiangsu) and Huagong (Wuhan) have their own R & D and production capacity. I suggest you go to the manufacturer for inspection. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of equipment. In addition, the quality of after-sales service is the key factor to be considered. For example, the after-sales service of lingchuang laser is highly praised by the industry.
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I recommend Hongshan laser to you. They have been focusing on laser cutting machine for more than ten years. At present, laser cutting machine equipment covers dozens of equipment, including plane optical fiber cutting machine series, pipe professional optical fiber laser cutting machine series, plate and pipe integrated optical fiber laser cutting machine series, 3D laser cutting machine series. Their products are of good quality, good cutting effect, fast speed, and relatively perfect after-sales service.

Different brands, different power and different quality lead to different prices of laser cutting machines, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. For detailed prices, you can consult baichaodineng laser,