Attention to the maintenance of Laser marking machine can prolong its service life

With the popularization of laser technology, the application of Laser marking machine is more and more widely. In order to make the laser marking function work smoothly, daily maintenance is indispensable.


  1. The laser in the case: clean the dust regularly, blow along the direction of the air duct with an air gun, and clean the relevant circuit boards at the same time; The air gun is a good tool to clean the laser water cooler.


  1. In the process of using Laser marking machine, the gas or dust produced by the interaction between laser energy and marking material should be equipped with dust cleaning device to protect the laser lens to a large extent.


  1. When cleaning the focus lens of Laser marking machine, it is necessary to remove the focus lens. At this time, special care should be taken not to damage or fall; At the same time, do not touch the focusing mirror with hands or other objects. The cleaning method is to mix anhydrous ethanol (analytical purity) and ether (analytical purity) in a ratio of 3:1, use long fiber swab or lens paper to invade the mixture, and gently scrub the surface of the lower end of the focusing lens. The swab or lens paper needs to be replaced once for each wiping side.


  1. It is strictly forbidden to start the laser power supply and Q-switch power supply of the Laser marking machine under the condition of no water or abnormal water circulation. Water replacement and water tank cleaning: clean once a week and replace the water inside. The circulating water in the inner side is not good for the machine for too long. The water quality and water temperature of circulating water directly affect the service life of laser tube. It is recommended to use pure water and control the water temperature below 35 ℃.


  1. If it is in summer or autumn, due to the high external temperature, if the Laser marking machine refrigerator is set at normal temperature (below 23 ℃), the internal and external temperature difference is too large, it is easy to produce condensation. At this time, we should let the water tank refrigerator work at 25-27 ℃! Secondly, if the customer has an air conditioner installed in the room and keeps the constant temperature between 23-25 ℃, we can set the refrigerator temperature between 23-25 ℃.