Basic laser marking machine type key technology basic principle

There are three types of laser typewriter classification at present: laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine and electric etching laser typewriter. Laser marking machine is also called laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser marking machine, laser marking machine, etc. different names are different in different areas and different fields. The basic principle of laser marking is to use high density laser directly on the product workpiece, The surface digestion absorbs the laser energy, and then causes super abnormal, melting, burning loss and volatilization on the surface of raw materials, thus creating permanent marks. Some materials such as unique plastic will also produce a permanent bulge mark on the surface of the product workpiece, but only a few materials.

According to the difference of laser generator, laser marking machine can be divided into semiconductor material laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, optical fiber line laser marking machine, etc. their actual effect on laser marking materials is different. Generally speaking, semiconductor materials and fiber optic laser marking machines are suitable for marking metal materials, plastics and other materials. CO2 laser is mainly used for non-metallic materials, typical applications such as acrylic plate, transparent plastic, porcelain, laminated glass and other laser marking.

Pneumatic marking machine is also known as industrial production pneumatic type printing, pneumatic code printing machine, metal lettering machine, etc. the basic principle of laser marking is to control the laser marking needle to exercise in accordance with specific track in the x-axis and y-axis two-dimensional plan. Meanwhile, the laser marking needle of ultraviolet laser marking machine performs high frequency impact fitness exercise under the effect of air compression, Then the permanent concave mark with a certain depth is printed on the product workpiece.
laser engraving machine for wood

Portable laser typewriter, compared with the desktop integrated machine, is to put the copier head into the work piece of the product. The engine design is light and convenient for the belt. It is easy to mark the large and medium-sized products which are not easy to move. Typical applications of pneumatic marking machine include transmission gear laser marking, main engine box laser marking, motorcycle frame number laser marking, car beam laser marking, automobile engine laser marking, stainless steel plate laser marking, etc.

From the simple anti-counterfeiting logo at that time to the labeling, tracing and marketing solutions of "one thing one end pump laser marking machine code" of Internet of things technology, the application scope of laser marking machine has been greatly improved. Many traditional ink-jet laser engraving machines have long been replaced by more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, simple and stable laser marking machines, How to improve and expand market share in the future?
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Only by constantly improving the actual effect of laser marking on different commodities, ensuring the quality of the picture, can improve its saturation, make it easier for customers to find part of the laser marking content, and master some production and manufacturing information contents of the product (production and manufacturing stage, traceability information content), So that a large number of goods can be labeled by laser.

3. UV laser marking machine from the laser after the light point solution, the application of high-quality laser group, can achieve half the actual effect. For example, the application of high quality beam expanding mirror can make the light point get a good Gaussian beam like extreme light point after passing through its beam expanding mirror. The application of high-quality F - ∝ field mirror can make the laser have stronger focusing range and better light spot. The kinetic energy of the light spot is more symmetrical in a reasonable width.
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What are the factors that harm the laser marking speed of laser marking machine.

1、 Laser light point size: the larger the laser marking machine at the end of the light point, there is no doubt that the faster the laser marking rate is, the smaller the light point is, the volume of the laser lettering machine should be reduced correspondingly, so the size of the light point will also slightly harm the laser marking rate.

2、 Total area of marking base: there is no doubt that the marking speed of small total area is faster than that of large-scale laser marking scanning vibration mirror, so it will also cause some harm to the laser marking rate.

3、 Relative density of marking base: in the same plan, same light point and same deep-seated condition, the higher the momentum of laser marking flow, the slower the laser marking rate, and eventually the flow volume immediately increases the total area of laser marking.