Basic principle of laser marking

Without autocollimation, the laser marking machine can not work normally. For the different working modes of laser marking machine, autocollimation is also various, when they all include beam expander lens (to increase the diameter of the laser emitted from the laser generator and reduce the emission angle of the laser), electronic optical focusing point lens (to minimize the diameter of the laser spot on the surface of the product workpiece) and reflecting lens (to change the laser orientation). The solar energy from a 70W continuous laser generator is similar to that from a 70W ordinary light bulb. The general electric light bulb is designed to be used for lighting, and its light source is direct to all directions. Unlike the electric light bulb, the light source from the laser generator is concentrated in a small area. Therefore, the specific energy of the laser (kinetic energy of the total area of the enterprise) is far more than that of the light bulb. The actual effect of laser marking depends on the specific energy borne by the surface layer of the product workpiece, rather than the output power of the laser.

In order to better carry out laser marking, it is necessary to further improve the specific energy of laser. There are two ways: one is to increase the laser power of the laser generator, generally speaking, it is difficult or lose big because of small things; Another way is to further narrow the laser from the laser generator, which requires a set of autocollimation. It's very simple to narrow the laser. Only a focus lens is needed to focus the laser to a small point. The laser from the laser generator is not an ideal parallel plane light, it has a small emission angle, which will harm the focusing effect of the focusing lens. Therefore, before focusing point lens, there should be a beam expander to lower the emission angle of light. The beam expander can not only reduce the emission angle of light, but also expand the diameter of laser output light. We know that the size of the light spot after focusing depends on the diameter of the incident angle beam and the lens focal length of the focusing point lens: the larger the diameter of the incident angle beam, the smaller the diameter of the light spot after focusing. The enlargement of the incident angle beam diameter can also reduce the specific energy of the laser on the reflection lens of the laser light conversion direction, so as to ensure that the reflection lens will not be burned by the laser in the long-term work. Laser marking with static data
Stainless steel laser engraving machine

One is the laser fixed, product workpiece fitness exercise. The other is to control the speed of light according to the scanning galvanometer to complete the identification.
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Product workpiece fitness exercise, laser engraving machine uses servo motor to collect fitness exercise data signal, or applies simulation rate, changes identifier appearance according to mobile phone software, completes all normal identification in the whole process of fitness exercise.