Big equipment? Small and medium laser marking machine made bookmarks are burned like that!

If books are the energy of people's knowledge reserve, then notes are the decoration design of this kind of energy. Everyone has been full of longing for beautiful things. A note with exquisite quality and happy text usually arouses people's impulse to study. We can always see the quotation of engraving machine on the Internet. We can use CNC engraving machine to carve all kinds of decorations by hand. The pattern design of manual carving is also very exquisite, and the speed of manual carving is also very shocking. However, the large and medium-sized CNC engraving machine not only occupies a large area and costs a lot, but also carves a simple style by hand. For people who pursue perfect humanization, DIY stores can not achieve a unique design taste.

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Small and medium-sized laser marking machine provides a very good solution in the aspect of personalized customization. You can thoroughly design your own favorite design concepts, such as text, photos and marks, to carry out the hand carving of notes. In the hand carving material pictures, you can also thoroughly select the more common leather products, wood and notes on the market, Because of its small size, the small engraving machine can be said to be very small in occupying indoor space. As you can imagine, I can completely hold it with one hand, and the price is within 1000. In fact, the process of using small and medium-sized laser marking machine to make bookmarks is not complicated. Although the whole process is a little slow, in terms of unique design scheme and specific emotion, small and medium-sized laser marking machine transmits its unique emotion in all works. Next, let's talk about the production process of self made bookmarks of small and medium-sized laser marking machines. Let's feel the emotional transmission of small and medium-sized laser marking machines.

Small laser engraving machine

First of all, we prepare leather products, scissors also have small and medium-sized laser marking machine, using scissors to clip leather products video into your favorite appearance. Input the text you need to carve by hand into the mobile phone software. If it's a photo or mark, immediately pull it into the mobile phone software to carve by hand. Although the manual carving speed of small and medium-sized laser marking machines is a bit slow, a manual carving room with a small note can take ten minutes.

Small and medium laser marking machine in the decoration of hand carving, there are many things that can be hand carved, such as DIY bags, leather key ring, Amethyst exquisite gifts (with color paper), also have wooden clothes tag, etc

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There are also DIY craftsmen who are interested in hand carving. This device is likely to become your lure! Generally, hand carving process is based on raw materials to carve the desired appearance. The laser engraving is the use of professional laser engraving machine, according to the beam expander mirror, field mirror and other electronic optical parts, from different angles of view into transparent objects (such as laminated glass, amethyst, acrylic plate, etc.), accurately meet at a point. The kinetic energy is converted from solar energy to energy, and the engineering blasting at this point produces fine engineering blasting points. The blasting points of this kind of project are spread out according to different pattern design and brightness, and the necessary pattern design is finally produced. There is no need to worry about the damage of the laser to the outside or other areas inside. When the laser passes through the fully transparent object, its kinetic energy can not destroy the raw material because it has no focus, only the kinetic energy to the focus, Only by adjusting the current can the kinetic energy of destroying raw materials be achieved.