Bozhou Laser marking machine

Bozhou Laser marking machine can be divided into laser mold welding machine, automatic laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine, optical fiber transmission laser welding machine, etc. Laser welding technology is widely used in automobile, 3C electronics, medical devices and other fields, which is considered as the next development focus of laser industry. Huagong laser is a well-known laser welding machine manufacturer in China. In the field of automobile manufacturing, the project of "high quality and high efficiency laser welding, cutting key technology and complete equipment in automobile manufacturing" won the first prize of national science and technology progress in 2016, breaking the foreign monopoly.


Fiber Laser marking machine is green and pollution-free. Refuse these pollution sources at the source. In today's particularly tense environment, fiber Laser marking machine will certainly become the mainstream. Easy to use, fiber Laser marking machine is very small, accept the built-in air cooling mode, different semiconductor Laser marking machine equipped with water cooler cooling, the company has developed a variety of portable fiber Laser marking machine, easy to transport and place. The higher the power of the fiber Laser marking machine, the better the beam quality, the higher the photoelectric conversion rate, and the clearer the sign, so as to ensure that the pattern is normal for a long time, the light path is closed, and the light path is very short, which can eliminate the waste.


Daily maintenance and precautions of laser cutting machine 1. Water tank cleaning and water replacement suggestion: clean water tank and replace circulating water once a week. The service life of the laser tube is related to the quality and temperature of the circulating water. It is recommended to use pure water and control the water temperature below 35 degrees. If the temperature exceeds 35 degrees, the circulating water should be replaced or ice should be added to the water tank to reduce the water temperature; Conditional users can choose the cooler or use two water tanks, and the water in the water tank is recommended to be changed once a week.


The wavelength of the visual positioning Laser marking machine is only 355nm, the diameter of the focused spot is smaller, the absorptivity of various materials to ultraviolet light is high, and the thermal influence is small (negligible), so the marking effect is more exquisite and fine. The price of UV Laser marking machine is also relatively high, which is one of the reasons why UV Laser marking machine is usually used in places requiring ultra-fine processing. The power of ultraviolet Laser marking machine of laser has been extended to 3W, 5W and 10W. Except for copper and some metals, almost all workpieces can be marked by ultraviolet Laser marking machine. The wavelength of ultraviolet laser is the wavelength after frequency doubling based on 10nm wavelength, which is more difficult Compared with other Laser marking machines, the coating thickness and material of the lens are different, so it is not universal, which is why the opportunity of UV laser marking is relatively expensive. Portable Laser marking machine is also known as handheld Laser marking machine. Laser marking machine.


Stable small precision laser cutting machine cost, quality assurance, so the processing is only suitable for application. In the case of avoiding the elimination of molten materials, the size of the general hole is related to the plate thickness, and the average diameter of the blasting hole is half of the plate thickness. Therefore, for thicker plates, the blasting hole diameter is larger and not round, so it is not suitable to be used on parts with higher requirements (such as oil screen seam pipe), It can only be used on waste. When the laser power is fixed, the limiting factor is the air pressure at the slit and the thermal conductivity of the material. It is inevitable that there will be burr and glue overflow near the window when the window is opened by machining methods such as mold. The burr and glue overflow are difficult to remove after the bonding and pressing of the welding pad, which will directly affect the quality of the subsequent coating. Three dimensional radium sculpture.


Because the "need" of laser irradiation is much faster and more efficient than that of non light irradiation, it is generally non light irradiation products. There is no need to change the position of the sensor (after adjusting the size, the working height of the cutting machine), so as to facilitate the entry and exit of personnel. When the benefits are obtained, there is no need to change the welder for production, and the product quality is better. At present, there are three main types of lasers, power and internal resistance. By manually adjusting the set cutting parameters, the cutting efficiency can be improved through this operation. 1、 The operation steps of the machine tool are loading before cutting to avoid the movement of machine equipment and cutting machine parts. Discharge, discharge to avoid short circuit of wire inside the machine tool. Cable short circuit is not suitable.