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As time goes by, people's understanding of laser welding technology today is that positive laser pulse is used to locally heat the material area, and the energy diffuses to the material through heat conduction to make the material melt and form a specific molten pool for welding. Laser welding is to improve the welding efficiency, while reducing the cost is the company's choice. The promotion of laser welding machine is more important than ever, It's easy to get and withstand, and it moves much faster than other welding processes. Green Laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking equipment. It is commonly known as laser engraving machine and is used for surface and interior engraving of glass and crystal products. Today, the editor of Wenzhou Pentium laser company introduces to you:


Kaitai laser products are deeply trusted by customers, and the equipment is sold to many countries and regions around the world, providing customers with use, service and training support. In our daily life, we can often see the application of laser coding. The laser coding machine itself has the function of printing random code and anti-counterfeiting code. This function happens to be a magic that the tobacco and alcohol industry now needs. It can be said that the laser coding machine is as good as the mineral water laser coding machine, China, such as fruit laser code maker, is a big smoker country and also a big eater and drinker country, which can not be denied. Therefore, there will be many manufacturers who make and sell counterfeit goods without conscience. In order to make their customers realize their rights and interests better and more safely, this anti-counterfeiting function of laser code maker is widely purchased by tobacco and wine manufacturers. It can be used in every bottle of wine, There is a separate code on each wine cover or cigarette case, and the code identification is clear, tamper proof. In the application of automatic welding and welding consistency, laser welding technology is considered by the company to improve the welding efficiency and reduce the cost. Laser welding is easier to obtain and bear than before, and its moving speed is much faster than other welding technologies. In the application of welding consistency automatic welding, in order to effectively improve the work efficiency and improve the work efficiency of laser welding machine, Cost reduction is an important factor in all welding applications. The power consumption is less than W. it can process clear pictures and texts on various materials. Compared with krypton lamp pumped laser equipment, it has dozens of times longer working life and less power consumption.

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Due to the laser welder application, it is an unknown or undeveloped option for the manufacturer. Because laser welding is non-contact welding, it does not need the external pressure of the welding workpiece, so it can better protect the original shape and physical characteristics of the welding workpiece, and protect the integrity of the surface. Excellent laser equipment manufacturers can better solve these welding process problems, improve the welding quality, reduce the welding cost of users, and improve the speed and production efficiency. The materials supporting carving are rich, including: cardboard, cork, cloth, felt, leather, wood, plastic, EVA seal, etc. Unfortunately, hard materials such as metal and stone can not be carved.

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Enterprises usually focus on technological progress to achieve these goals, but many operations may not consider laser welding, or think that the cost of laser welding is too high or too complex. At present, with the development of laser welding machine application technology, it is easier to obtain and undertake than ever before. The process also has obvious advantages in production efficiency, which can achieve rapid return on investment, especially for the application of sheet metal welding in high-tech enterprises. Put the object to be engraved under it and input the pattern on the mobile app to start carving. The size of the fuselage is * * mm and the weight is only G.

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On the basis of cold processing, the effect of processing product materials will get better effect and better development. When cold laser processing is used, the probability of material influence is reduced to one percent. In this way, the advantages of processing are fully applied, and the laser technology is greatly improved. I believe that in the future laser market, ultraviolet laser will gradually be widely used. The company is mainly engaged in laser cutting machine manufacturers, full protection ultra-high speed fiber laser cutting machine, medium and high power laser cutting machine manufacturers, Shenzhen Laser marking machine, welcome to inquire. The following laser manufacturers share with you the steps of cleaning the lens of laser cutting machine. Use a tiger ball to blow away the dust on the surface of the lens. In order to keep the lens dry, never use your mouth to blow. Some errors, such as geometric errors of machine tools, are regular and can be compensated by quantitative compensation method, but some errors are random and can only be compensated by on-line detection and control. The object of workpiece geometric error laser cutting is plate or panel parts. Due to various reasons, the surface of the processing object is uneven, and the influence of thermal effect in the cutting process will also produce the surface deformation of sheet parts. For dimensional laser processing, panel parts will also produce uneven surface in the pressing process, The position and ideal position of the laser focus and the surface of the processed object will change randomly.


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