Can a laser engrave metal?

What's the difference between laser marking machine and laser engraving machine? With the development of laser technology, the types and performance of laser equipment are continuously improved. Common laser equipment includes laser engraving machine and laser marking machine. There are some differences between them in printing media, product price, application scope and product function. For some new people, there are often misunderstandings here.

So what is the difference between laser marking machine and laser engraving machine?

1. Different definition: laser engraving machine is a scientific and technological equipment that uses laser to carve the materials to be engraved. Laser engraving machine can also be called laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, etc. it shoots laser on almost all materials such as wood products, Yake grain, plastic plate, metal plate, stone and so on.
plastic laser engraving machine

Laser marking machine is to use the laser beam to make the surface material evaporate to expose the deep material, resulting in the chemical and physical changes of the surface material to carve out traces, or to burn part of the material through the light energy to show the required etched graphics and characters.

2. Different materials: laser engraving machine is usually used to carve or cut non-metallic materials, such as marble, wood, crystal, acrylic, etc.
mini laser engraving machine for metal

Because the laser marking machine does not need deep carving, it only uses marking and name to realize marking. Most metal and non-metal materials can be marked basically. Very little cutting is used.
plastic laser engraving machine

3. The depth and speed are different: the laser engraving machine can carve or cut in a large stroke size, which is much deeper than the laser marking machine. The speed of the laser marking machine is relatively fast, and it can generally reach 7000 mm / s

4, the price is not the same: the price of laser marking machine is different due to different materials, and the corresponding models are not the same, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The price of low-power laser engraving and cutting machine is much cheaper than laser marking machine.