Can Cricut engrave wood?

You need to be well prepared and polished before painting bare wood. You must be clean, gently polished, and painted wood. Soon to be polished, you can thoroughly clean every surface with a sticky cloth.

Horizontal painting is easier than vertical painting. Before you start brushing, the first furniture is upside down and its larger surface is flat. If furniture drawers, doors, shelves and removable sections, you can remove or remove them and paint them on flat ground. Time only brushes one side of the furniture and finally coats the largest surface.

Painted varnish wood treated well, you should be along the crystal wood, smooth, evenly coated. Do not use touch brush paint in containers, the edges of the container, you can get rid of excess paint or get rid of its scraping bucket. Varnish should naturally flow into the surface of the wood. If brushed, or see some places not thin paint or paint thinner paint has 28 grams.

Natural varnish, turpack or mineral oil. Polyurethane varnishes, thinners can be recommended by the manufacturer. Your thinner should be gently stirred into varnish and be careful not to create bubbles.
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First down the wood texture, a uniform brush paint.
Then use varnish to brush the sideways wood grain to smooth the surface.

After brushing your teeth along the crystal, you can use more varnishes to paint the side of the wood evenly with a smooth surface. Light oil is as smooth and uniform as possible, without painting too thin or too thick, however, the coating should be thin and not thick.

Thick varnish coatings take longer to dry and are more prone to crack paint aging. In brushing your teeth, use pine to remove dust and fluff from the dry paint sideways
After the clear brush is flat, gently brush along the crystal to dry and apply again, making the surface smooth.
Brush your teeth to remove dust and flocculation.

On a finished surface, smooth the paint along the brush tip grain surface. This step of the operation, using a quick-dry brush. When holding the brush, you should brush, the surface is tilted at a small angle, very varnished surface gently brushing, remove brush marks, so that the surface is flat. Along the direction of the crystal, a smooth paint surface, as a whole. At the same time, dust and cotton are removed from the hair-free vacuum cleaner. When the paint is dry, any remaining brush marks disappear.

To paint varnish, we must be wary of forming thick paint sets. The outer corner of the eye, a flat surface brush toward the corner, the corner of the brush, the brush near the lower edge, lift the brush. This prevents varnishes from accumulating along the edges. Inside the corner, you can brush 3-5 cm away from the place, and then clear the brush, brush the tip of the brush over the corner, then you can leave. Multi-directional furniture brush, this method avoids paint accumulation.
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Some simple piles of varnish, such as small pits should only brush teeth once varnish, only use the tip of the brush light brush time. Repeatedly, leaving only jagged bumps.

Dry and brush again

The average drying time for natural varnishes is approximately 24 hours, but water-based and polyurethane paints dry faster. Moisture slows down drying, so if you paint varnish wet or rainy weather, it's best to extend the drying time. Similarly, a new varnish drying time has not yet been cured and can be easily destroyed. Of course the top coating, dry for at least 24 hours, or achieve the manufacturer's recommended time, if possible, it is best to let it dry for a few days or more.

Only if the surface is wet and sticky can you remove fluff and dust from the surface, too much operation may damage the film.