Can fiber laser engrave glass?

Laser engraving machine in the glass carving can only make the kind of sanding effect similar to sand blasting, can not do relief, hollowing out. It is a kind of mechanical carving machine that can be used widely and has good effect. It can be explored in depth.
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As we all know, laser engraving machine can be used for carving of various materials. However, how to use laser engraving glass, ceramics and other fragile materials is a difficult problem. Many customers have wasted a lot of materials in order to carve glass with laser carving machine, so they can slowly grasp some key points of laser engraving machine to carve glass. But often the operation is careless, still very easy to carve bad. How can we use laser engraving machine to carve glass without breaking it? Here is the explanation.

The technology of glass carving by laser engraving machine

Laser can be carved on the glass surface, but the depth of carving is not deep and cannot be cut. Generally, laser can form frost or breakage effect on glass surface. Usually, users want to get frost effect rather than crushing effect, which depends on the texture of glass and consistency of hardness.
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Glass carving is usually difficult to control. According to the following steps, a smooth grinding effect surface can be made: apply a little washing and cleaning to the area to be carved, and carry down a newspaper or napkin slightly larger than the area to be carved. The paper is completely soaked with water, and the excess water in the area can be squeezed. Put the wet paper in the carving area to smooth without wrinkles. Put the glass in the carving machine, carve it when the paper is still wet, then take out the glass, remove the remaining paper, and then clean the glass surface. If necessary, lightly polish the glass surface with 3M ScotchBrite. Generally, the laser power should be set with water, the precision set at 300dpi, and the carving speed should be faster. It is possible to try to carve with large-scale lenses.
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Note: more attention should be paid to the laser carving of lead bearing crystal. The crystal containing lead has different expansion coefficient compared with ordinary crystal. This may cause crystal crack or breakage during carving. A smaller power setting can avoid this problem, but it should be kept away from breaking at any time.

Cleaning: after carving, the surface can be cleaned with wet cloth.

Fill: can use the C dilute pigment coloring.