Can Glowforge engrave Yeti?

You can carve a snowman

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On December 31, 1953, a British expedition arrived in India armed to go to Nepal in search of the mysterious giant snowman. Six months ago, the leader Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa guide danzenoji found huge footprints on their way to Mount Everest. They firmly believe that the snowman will appear again. Snowman is a mysterious animal between man and ape. So far, there is no exact specimen of snowman for people to study. A snowman is usually called Yeti, which means an animal that lives on a rock. The Himalayan snowman is one of the most talked about branches. From 326 BC, the world began to spread all kinds of legends about the snowman. In people's impression, the snowman is sometimes kind and gentle, sometimes fierce and fierce. In 1975, a Nepal Sherpa girl was cutting firewood on the mountain as usual. A fierce snow leopard had been following her for more than ten minutes, but she didn't realize it at all. The snow leopard suddenly launched a fierce attack. Unexpectedly, a red haired and white haired animal like a fierce Snowman rushed out and fought with the snow leopard to the death. The girl was able to escape back to the village. Another Snowman rescue story happened in 1938. At that time, Captain ovigu, the curator of the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta, was traveling alone in the Himalayas when he suddenly encountered a strong snowstorm. The strong light of the snow blinded him. He suspected that he was suffering from snow blindness. There is no way to call for help, and ovigu can only wait for himself to become a rigid body. When he was close to death, he felt that he was covered by an animal nearly 3 meters tall and saved his life. Slowly, his consciousness became clear, and the animal mysteriously disappeared, leaving a smell like body odor. Even today, people are still arguing about whether there is a snowman, but they never stop looking for it. In 1848, Sangda was killed by a snowman in Xigong village, Motuo County, Tibet, China. In 1951, the British Everest climbing team took the first clear picture of snowman's footprints.

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The footprints were left on a thin layer of snow on the hard ice. They were 31.3 cm long and 18.8 cm wide, with big thumbs and outstretched. In 1960, Edmund Hillary organized another expedition with the famous writer and adventurer Desmond doeger. They brought millions of equipment, and Hillary even received a hairy scalp from Lama to his snowman in the temple, as well as two pieces of fur from other parts of her body. The Times reported in 2002 that zoologist rob McCall announced that scientists from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom had analyzed the DNA of a mass of hair found on a tree in the Himalayas of Bhutan. This is a mass of DNA that does not belong to any animal species that have been identified. This time, it seems to be solid evidence.