Can I laser engrave abs?

It can be engraved. Don't listen to other people's nonsense. I do laser marking, but if the effect of the fiber laser machine is not good, you are the carbon dioxide machine,

1. The reason of missing plating: Dead glue occurs during plastic injection, and the location of dead glue is generally the farthest part of the material flow during plastic injection;
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2. The activity of colloidal palladium is poor or contaminated by hexavalent chromium;

3. The plating rate of nickel is slow;

Emergency treatment method: if the position of leakage plating is not the appearance surface, use fine sandpaper to polish it;
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Long term treatment method: improve the mold, open the exhaust slot at the dead rubber place;

Electroplating treatment: using our alkaline hydrophilic agent can eliminate this problem.

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is mainly used for non-metallic marking. Generally, if the power is modulated properly, it will not produce blackening and scorching. We are from Wuhan Sangong optoelectronics Co., Ltd., and we can send samples for proofing.

ABS laser marking machine is actually a laser marking machine for ABS materials. It can use semiconductor laser marking machine and also mark on ABS. I use the semiconductor laser marking machine of Zhongshan Jiatai laser Co., Ltd., which has good quality, fast speed and good service.
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The use method of the auxiliary needed for radium carving powder is basically consistent with the traditional use method of radium carving auxiliary. The following is the use method of radium carving auxiliary: Step 1: dry the raw materials, and then add radium carving auxiliary. First of all, there is no need to dry materials for radium carving AIDS. If you add radium carving aids to dry materials together with raw materials, then the radium carving AIDS will dissolve, leading to the phenomenon of dissolving with raw materials. If you want to dry the material, you have to dry the material first, and then add our radium carving additives, then you can inject radium carving normally. Step 2: mix the raw material and radium carving agent evenly, and then directly inject or granulate. In the plastic process, there are two kinds of more common, respectively, first granulation and then injection molding and direct injection molding. Usually, if the injection molding process uses the master batch of radium carving AIDS, because the powder is relatively heavy and unevenly dispersed during injection molding, it will sink to the bottom., If it is granulation process, it is better to use radium powder. Step 3: after injection molding the finished product, directly mark it with laser machine. In the process of laser marking, we need to constantly change the laser parameters to achieve the laser carving effect. Often, many people do not adjust the parameters of the laser machine, just use a fixed parameter to make laser carving. If they feel that the carving is not good, they will change the amount of addition, which will only increase the cost blindly.