Can laser be used to identify electronic devices? In my daily life, I'm fed up with knowledge.

The life of electronic devices is everywhere. For example, we use mobile phones, speakers and other electronic products, will have an identification code to prove which brand of products have anti-counterfeiting effect. After a long time, the general mechanical identification will appear blurred and disappear, but the electronic products will not fade through the laser marking machine. The anti-counterfeiting effect is very good. The laser marking machine is also called anti-counterfeiting machine.

Electronic device identification technology is to identify the chemical bond of materials (especially organic materials) or its surrounding media by using the cold working photons with high energy generated by laser marking machine (UV), so as to carry out non thermal damage to materials. In the laser marking process of laser marking machine, this kind of cold working technology is used. Because it is not thermal ablation, but it will not produce "thermal damage" side effects, and it will not destroy the cold stripping of chemical bonds, so it will not produce thermal deformation and thermal corrosion near the inner wall and surface.

Compared with ordinary marking machine, laser marking machine has the following advantages:

Laser processing in light contact, non mechanical contact and no mechanical stress conditions is especially suitable for high hardness (e.g. cemented carbide), high brittleness (e.g. solar wafer), high melting point and high precision (e.g. precision bearing).

Laser engraving

The laser is characterized by high energy density, short time, small thermal shock area, small thermal deformation and small thermal stress, which does not affect the internal electrical properties of the laser. Especially 532 μ M 355 m and 666 m are suitable for precision machining of special materials.

Laser direct ablation, corrosion, permanent marking, not erasable, will not be damaged, deformation off, suitable for anti-counterfeiting, meet the requirements of product traceability.

Laser cutting machine

This system is a computer system with hop count and random coding function. It can be easily configured and modified to meet the requirement of unique coding of products. It is suitable for personalized processing and has the advantages of less and more batches.

The veneer effect is good, the craft is exquisite, the veneer precision is high, improves the product grade, increases the product added value. Its width can reach 10 microns and its depth can reach 10 microns. The "mm" dimension surface of the part can be marked. 6. Low consumption, no pollution, energy saving and environmental protection, in line with European environmental standards and GMP standards for pharmaceutical industry. The treatment cost is low. One time investment of equipment is more expensive, but continuous large-scale processing ultimately reduces the processing cost of each part.