Advertising industry to buy a laser engraving machine or laser cutting machine?

Is it better for advertising industry to buy laser engraving machine or laser cutting machine? The advertising industry mainly involves a variety of advertising language, logo, logo, etc. it also needs a lot of materials, which can be roughly divided into metal materials and non-metal materials. These metal materials include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, iron, etc. PVC, Chevrolet, acrylic, density board, wood and other non-metallic materials. Materials that can be used for laser processing include metal, acrylic, density board, wood board, etc. Compared with laser, it is mechanical carving. Can process sheet metal, acrylic, density board, wood, wood and other mechanical engraving machine.

Before we talk about the question of "whether the advertising industry wants to buy laser engraving machine or laser cutting machine", we'd better first say what are laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine?

1. The definition of laser engraving machine: it is a kind of equipment to achieve the purpose of engraving by laser melting at high temperature. Engraving machine is a part of cutting, can't cut.

2. The definition of laser cutting machine: through the high temperature melting of laser cutting machine to achieve cutting through equipment.

Laser engraving acrylic cutting sample.

The difference between laser engraving and laser cutting:

In the process of laser engraving, the z-axis will change.

2. In the process of laser cutting, the z-axis does not change and the cutting depth does not change.

3. Laser engraving machine is mainly used for cutting, but not cutting through, laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting.

For the advertising industry, both laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine can realize the function of cutting and carving. This is the most basic function, but it is called differently. The main laser equipment used for cutting is called laser cutting machine, and the one mainly used for carving is called engraving machine.

Is it better to buy laser engraving machine or laser cutting machine?

According to the above explanation, should this problem be solved? If you need to process acrylic, you should choose laser cutting equipment with lower power. If you need to process metal, you can choose laser cutting equipment with higher power. If you want to make a Chevy board, you have to carve it with that machine.




For carving, there is such a machine, which is "fiber laser engraving machine". It allows you to drink a cup of wine and carve a mouthful of tea into a mobile phone metal shell fiber laser engraving machine. The whole machine body weighs 12kg. An adult can move two hands without occupying too much space.

Fiber Bragg grating engraving machine adopts "Chuangxin laser" to ensure the quality. Stable and durable.

Fiber Bragg grating engraving machine with 8mm high-speed lens, integrated, multi-dimensional flexible engraving, high-precision positioning, metal body 6 product features.

The built-in windows system of the optical fiber lithography machine can be used with the display, and the operation is very convenient.

Select the standard of laser engraving machine.

Think many want to buy laser engraving machine friends are most concerned about this. Of course, everyone wants to be able to use affordable laser equipment again. Therefore, we should know the advantages and disadvantages of various laser machines before choosing.

CO2 laser engraving machine: it is suitable for engraving all kinds of leather, rubber, wood and other materials, with high power, fast engraving speed and high precision. The disadvantage is that the machinery is bulky, generally 40-50kg, inconvenient to move, and the general price is suitable for factory use.

Optical fiber lithography equipment, with high precision and high speed, is suitable for batch operation in the factory, and can also be connected with the automatic production line of the factory. Generally, the price of the machine is about 15000 yuan, the volume is large, and the weight is more than 30 kg.

Metal laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine, advantages: a wide range of engraving materials, both metal and non-metal engraving. It is possible to use more than one machine. Due to the characteristics of purple light source, the disadvantage is that the price is expensive, the machine is generally more than 20000-30000 yuan, and the machine is also heavy. Suitable for high-grade manufacturing.
Ceramic tile laser engraving machine

The advantage of green laser engraving machine is that it can realize three-dimensional positioning engraving of three-dimensional engraving. The drawback is that it's too big.

Diode laser engraving machine, the advantages of cheap, less than 1000 yuan is generally not higher than 3000 yuan, small size, easy to move. Carving speed is slow, pure metal can not be carved. Because of the speed limit, it is generally more suitable for personal DIY home, or small and medium-sized businesses of small batch customization.