Can you cut wood with a laser?


Now it's better to use semiconductor laser.

To cut 5mm wood, at least 300W CW semiconductor laser is needed, but this kind of laser is very expensive.

The laser is the laser, does not distinguish it is regarding any material

For example, the current laser cutting machine for cutting metal plates can complete the cutting of small boards

However, the wood will have scorch marks, so wire saw and other cutting still has his advantages
Stainless steel laser engraving machine

Thick plates are difficult to cut and burn

You said millimeter parallel beam directly buy a laser An ordinary red laser, about 50MW (milliwatt), is similar to those toy laser pens. Anyway, it's the same thing. It's the same kind of laser in the optical drive. It's just suitable for you

To optically turn ordinary light sources into this, this set of optical equipment will be quite expensive

At present, laser cutting machines have all kinds of power, from a few milliwatts (carving some precision components) to several thousand watts (cutting thick steel plates)
Acrylic laser engraving machine

Hello, landlord! I have sold many brands of laser cutting machines. I know this relatively well. Laser cutting machine can cut many materials, such as marking, carving, etc. with small power, and cutting non-metallic (such as cloth, wood, acrylic, etc.) the laser cutting machine sold by myself is mainly high-power, cutting metal materials.

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Laser engraving machine for woodworking

Metal laser cutting machine can cut wood. Just think about it. Metals can be cut, and wood is no problem. However, cutting wood and cutting metal have different material properties. There are different requirements in cutting. First, fire prevention and ventilation should be paid attention to.