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The products of the company include: laser spot welding machine, laser mold shell welding machine, heavy arm laser mold shell welding machine, automatic laser welding equipment, four axis linked laser welding equipment, intelligent robot laser welding equipment, optical fiber transmission laser welding equipment, scanning galvanometer laser welding equipment, optical fiber line laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine 3D laser marking... See more + vertical optical fiber line laser marking machine introduction: the sample shows the famous brand of laser generator
Laser engraving machine for woodworking

Principle: using the new technology of partial ionization of metal surface with the help of low-pressure laser marking liquid, we can print the random pattern design or text that will not fall down on basically all conductive metal surface. Characteristics: the machine is the use of electrochemical principle in a variety of metal materials to print out signs Model characteristics

DIY laser engraving machine

1, high efficiency, simple 2, non-contact production and processing, no harmful substances, zero pollution 3, no consumables, Main business area: Qingdao Yantai Weihai Weifang Zibo Dongying Rizhao Linyi Binzhou hongguangjie round can sleeve marking machine price: 75000 yuan / set famous brand: hongguangjie round can automatic folding sleeve marking machine, Shandong hongguangjie mechanical equipment, The company designs, manufactures and sells: automatic label machine, film machine, winding packaging machine, label shrinking machine, automatic labeling machine, crank arm machine, belt conveyor, etc

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Optical fiber line laser marking machine adjustment, in the laser marking production and processing of goods, must be based on the analysis of raw materials, adjust the lens focal length, not easy to damage the laser marking machine, will not harm the actual effect of laser marking. Optical fiber line laser marking machine has a variety of models: desktop all-in-one laser marking machine, separate laser marking machine, portable laser marking machine, portable laser marking machine, portable optical fiber line laser marking machine, portable laser marking machine, etc. The adjustment methods of different fiber line laser marking machines are slightly different. PCB line laser marking machine. Unique surface treatment, phosphating treatment, aluminum anodization, electroplating process, surface unsaturated polyester (AK) architectural coatings, decorative materials, boards, buttons, ABS materials, home appliance case, polyurethane material (PU) shoe sole, artificial leather, paint printing ink light transmittance function key, packaging and printing products epoxy resin (EP) electronic components packaging Model selection manual of solar power generation machinery and equipment for encapsulation of electronic components of cable sheath epoxy resin adhesive and glass surface of cable sheath our company manufactures complete sets of equipment, solar power generation laser cutting processing machinery and equipment. According to specific requirements, we have made the following model selection manual