Characteristics of fiber Laser marking machine advantages of marking on stainless steel

The new Laser marking machine is based on the original use, after some technical improvement and the use of some new parts, the purpose is to meet the later use. Now the use of the new fiber Laser marking machine is still very good, for the current use can be satisfied.


Long life, another characteristic of fiber laser is that its technology greatly extends the life of its devices, makes the marking function work longer, and improves its cost performance, which has become the focus of business. Its cast aluminum structure and strong protective layer of optical fiber Laser marking machine enhance its own robustness and fully demonstrate its compact and strong characteristics.


Fewer faults, the current equipment in the manufacturing time to consider a lot of factors to reduce late maintenance.


It is compact and firm. The head of the optical fiber Laser marking machine is small, and the air cooling device is used instead of the traditional water cooling device, which is one of the reasons for its small size. The shortening of the length of the optical fiber and the improvement of its properties not only improve its quality, but also make its shape more compact. It has been widely used in various fields and achieved good results. With the improvement of technology ultraviolet Laser marking machine, fiber Laser marking machine also has a very broad application prospect. The laser can mark the surface of different materials. It has powerful power and can reach the speed of 2.5m/s. Its marking has high contrast and thin laser beam, which makes the marking more detailed and improves the quality of marking. And the non-contact processing improves the disadvantage of tool wear, and does not damage the contact surface of the product, which can effectively reduce the consumption of materials.


Compared with the traditional marking equipment, the advantages of fiber Laser marking machine in stainless steel are as follows:


End pump Laser marking machine


  1. There is no corrosion on the working surface, no tool wear, no poison and no pollution;


  1. Laser marking is a non mechanical "light knife" processing, which can print marks on any regular or irregular surface;


  1. The marking speed is fast and the running cost is low;


  1. No need for any maintenance, long service life, small size, suitable for harsh environment work;


  1. It is controlled by industrial control computer. The product can be marked by laser beam without contact. It is cooled by air cooling. The whole machine has small volume and good output beam quality.