Classification of laser engraving machines

Laser engraving machine is a kind of more common advertising production equipment, laser engraving machine can be divided into: carbon dioxide (CO2) type, galvanometer (galvanometer) type and YAG type.

According to the size, power and speed, laser engraving machine can be divided into many types, but suitable for the gift industry, only carbon dioxide (CO2) and YAG. The main difference between CO2 laser engraving machine and YAG laser engraving machine lies in the different materials used to generate laser. Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser is produced by exciting cation and dioxide mixed gas molecules, while YAG laser is produced by exciting yttrium aluminum garnet crystal or crystal rod. Different light sources emit different laser wavelengths, so each engraving machine is suitable for carving different materials.

Flying light type, also known as flat laser engraving machine, is the most common in the gift industry, which uses carbon dioxide (CO2) laser tube. Flat laser engraving machine also uses YAG laser tube, but not many. For flat plate laser engraving machine, the laser beam moves on the flat plate through a cart moving back and forth.

Another kind of engraving machine using carbon dioxide (CO2) laser tube is galvanometer type, also known as galvanometer type. It controls the beam to move on the worktable by rapidly rotating reflector, which allows the beam to run at high speed, because it does not need to move the whole car.

However, the galvanometer type also has some disadvantages. Its machining size is small (usually 12x12 inches or 14x14 inches). If the galvanometer type is used for cutting, it does not cut straight, but has a certain arc. Up to 100 watts, the galvanometer can have the same power as the flat laser engraving machine, up to 100 watts, but at the same power, the galvanometer has a great advantage in speed. Galvanometer is mainly used for marking, not cutting. Their company also sells galvanometer and flat CO2 laser engraving machine. In addition, at present, the speed of flat laser engraving machine is faster and faster, and the speed difference between flat laser engraving machine and galvanometer is smaller and smaller.

The reason for the widespread use of carbon dioxide (CO2) laser tubes is simple: they are extremely widely used. Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser engraving machine can be used to carve or mark plastic, acrylic, coated metal, glass, leather, paper, cloth, wood, marble and so on. It can also be used to cut many such materials. The only thing that cannot be carved is metal without coating.

YAG laser is divided into two main types, their main difference is that YAG crystal is excited by flash or diode. The main difference between the two is how to generate light to excite the crystal to form a laser beam. Compared with the flash type laser, the laser beam produced by the diode laser is thinner and the light is purer. Unlike the flash type laser, the diode laser does not need high power“ The key lies in the fact that both of them can produce the same wavelength laser diode, the efficiency of YAG laser engraving machine is high, while the flash laser engraving machine is relatively cheap. Both are more expensive than CO2 laser engraving machine.

The advantage of YAG laser engraving machine is that its wavelength can be well absorbed by metal, and it can do well in device marking and other industrial applications. However, for YAG laser engraving machine, many materials can not be carved, while CO2 laser engraving machine can, such as wood, paper, cloth, glass and some gypsum. Mechanical engraving machine said so much about laser engraving machine, it is necessary to mention the computer mechanical engraving machine which has been used in the gift making industry for a long time. Mechanical engraving machine is still widely used in the gift making industry. Although YAG laser engraving machine can mark on the metal, it can only use mechanical engraving machine to carve deeper.

There is no substitute for the hand feeling of inscriptions and patterns carved by mechanical engraving machines. People always like traditional and classic things. This is the reason why mechanical engraving and engraving still exist widely. This is people's natural psychology. When you see a sculpture, you always want to touch it.

Without laser engraving machine, there will be many restrictions on your business. There are also some businesses that can only be done with mechanical engraving machine. Therefore, it is a good idea to have both mechanical engraving machine and laser engraving machine. They can complement each other.