Classification of laser marking machines

In the near future, laser marking machine will be popularized in the company like photocopies before. According to the different requirements of customers, different types of laser marking machines are produced.

1、 According to the characteristics of basic principles:

1. According to the light wavelength: 532nm laser marking machine, 808nm laser marking machine, 1064nm laser marking machine, 10.64um laser marking machine, 266nm laser marking machine. Among them, 1064nm is widely used. Can also be roughly said to be ultraviolet laser marking machine, green laser marking machine, infrared laser marking machine.

2. According to the laser generator: CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor material laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, optical fiber line laser marking machine.

2、 By domain specific type:

1. Optical fiber line laser marking machine

It is a more commonly used model at present. It uses fiber laser generator to output laser, and then completes laser marking by scanning galvanometer system software of fast scanner. Fiber line laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency and air cooling method. The whole mechanical volume is exquisite, and the output light has high cost performance, high stability and long service life, Environmental protection and energy saving, can be hand carved metal composite materials and part of non-metallic materials. It is mainly used in industries with high requirements for deep layer, glossiness and fineness, such as stainless steel plate decoration on mobile phone, clock, mold shell, IC, mobile phone keyboard and other fields. Laser marking of bitmap files can carve creative pictures on the surface of metal materials, plastics and other materials, and the speed of laser marking is the first generation of traditional lamp hydraulic piston pump laser engraving machine The second generation of laser engraving machine for semiconductor materials is 3-12 times as large.

2. Ultraviolet laser marking machine

Ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to cold light lamp or UV laser marking, and it is a model with more market prospects. Many commercial optical fiber line laser marking machines can not produce satisfactory actual results. Generally, ultraviolet laser marking machines can mark. The printed text and pattern design will be more detailed and clear. It is mainly used in the main products with higher requirements for text and pattern design. At present, the common ultraviolet laser generators on the market are 3W, 5W, 7W, 8W, 10W and 15W.

3. CO2 laser marking machine

It uses CO2 metal material laser generator, beam expander focusing autocollimation and fast scanning galvanometer scanning gun, with stable characteristics, long service life and maintenance free. CO2 frequency laser generator is a kind of vapor laser generator with the wavelength of 10.64 μ m. Belonging to the mid infrared frequency band, CO2 laser generator has higher output power and higher photoelectric conversion. CO2 laser generator uses CO2 vapor as the working chemical substance.

Difference analysis between fiber line laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine
Small laser engraving machine

1. Main parameters and characteristics of laser marking machine

The optical fiber line laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion efficiency and low mechanical function loss, which is 1 / 10 of the light hydraulic piston pump solid-state laser marking machine and can reasonably save energy consumption. The production and processing speed is faster, which is 2-3 times of the traditional laser engraving machine. The laser generator has a long operation life of 100000 hours.

CO2 laser marking machine laser generator output power, suitable for a variety of non-metallic materials to carry out manual carving and laser cutting, laser generator operation life of 20000-30000 hours.

2. Available fields and raw materials of laser marking machine
DIY laser engraving machine

Optical fiber line laser marking machine is suitable for metal materials and a variety of non-metal materials, such as high toughness aluminum alloy, metal oxide, electroplating process, surface coating, ABS, epoxy resin adhesive, printing ink, rubber products, etc. It is widely used in plastic transparent function keys, IC integrated IC, electronic product components, precision machinery and equipment, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring instrument numerical control blade, clock myopia glasses, welder household appliances, electronic components, five gold jewelry, hardware tools, communication components on hand, auto parts, rubber and plastic products, medical machinery, decorative building materials and pipe fittings, etc.
Metal laser engraving machine

CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for printing paper, leather products, fabrics, plexiglass board, epoxy resin glue, acrylic board, material products, plastic, porcelain, amethyst, jade, bamboo products. Widely used in various consumer appliances, food packaging materials, beverages, medical equipment, ceramics, clothing accessories, leather products, cotton fabric laser cutting, process products, rubber and plastic products, chassis factory nameplates, denim fabrics, furniture and other fields.