CNC cutting machine, four process cutting machine, engraving machine

CNC cutting machine is mainly used for panel furniture production. For panel furniture cutting, drilling, punching, grooving, carving and other processes, the use of CNC cutting machine can achieve comprehensive processing for these functions, ensure one-time forming, meet the complex requirements of furniture production enterprises, and increase power for enterprise development.


Advantages of CNC cutting machine in our factory:

  1. The high configuration adopts the private clothes motor control drive, the precision can reach plus or minus 2 wires, the plate processing speed can reach 20-25m | per minute, and the average speed of a plate can reach 3-5 | per minute, which greatly improves the production efficiency, processing precision and product quality.
  1. The high configuration adopts the spindle imported from Italy, with high power and low noise. The linear guide imported from Taiwan has high precision, strong wear resistance and is not easy to deform. Greatly increase the durability of the machine, extend the service life.
  1. The software has good compatibility, and can be compatible with many kinds of software at the same time. It has many functions, such as tool compensation, background editing, Chinese display, multi-point positioning of spindle, simulation operation demonstration, fault display, automatic processing and so on. It is not easy to appear random code in the process of use, and the processed workpiece has good consistency.
  1. The vacuum adsorption platform is equipped with 7.5kW water-cooled vacuum pump, which can be used for precise positioning processing of different size workpieces and special-shaped workpieces. The adsorption capacity can reach 250 cubic | per hour, which has a wider range of applications. Different products of customers can be directly processed without limitations.
  1. The machine has many functions, such as breaking point carving, power-off recovery, processing time, workpiece detection, etc. the design is more humanized, and it is suitable for processing in all kinds of complex environments. Whether it is cutting vigorously or fine carving, it can complete the workpiece processing with heart and hand.

Applicable industry: panel furniture cabinet, wooden door, computer desk, office furniture, all kinds of wood furniture, acrylic and other non-metal cutting industry.