CO 2 laser engraving machine leather products laser engraving makes daily life more full of artistic creativity

In our daily life, we can often see leather products, which make our daily life more diversified. For example, in some leather products such as clothes, pants, leather shoes, transmission belt, watch chain, wallet, artwork, we can see some exquisite pattern design, text and so on.
Laser engraving machine for leather

Do you know how this exquisite pattern design is displayed in leather products? You will say that it is carved with traditional handicraft. It is true that traditional handicraft can lead to exquisite pattern design on leather products. But do you know that laser marking machine can guarantee the design and make it stronger?

CO2 laser marking machine
Fiber laser engraving machine

The application of CO 2 laser lettering machine can meet the basic requirements of the store? In a certain practical sense, there is no doubt that, compared with the traditional production and processing, CO 2 laser engraving machine is not easy to cause all damage to leather products when it carries out pattern design and identification on leather products, and the manual engraving speed is faster, and the actual effect is more accurate For some different shapes of pattern design can also easily carry out laser marking requirements. Laser cutting is a kind of production and processing method belonging to heat treatment. Because of the high efficiency laser carving of pattern design on the surface of leather products in a moment, it has little heat damage. Although high-quality laser will not destroy leather products, it happens that the design of the base marking must be made only when the surface of leather products is produced. In addition to the exquisite logo design, it can also print out a variety of Chinese and English, logo and other information content.
Stainless steel laser engraving machine

Simply speaking, leather products manufacturers only need to effectively use CO2 laser lettering machine to produce permanent logo such as pattern design, text, identifier, store owner, etc. In fact, the CO 2 laser engraving machine can not only help the store to identify the exquisite pattern design on the leather products, but also help the store to reduce the cost and increase the economic benefits. CO2 laser engraving machine does not need all consumables in the whole process of application, which saves the cost of unnecessary consumables; And the machinery and equipment have at least 20000 hours of maintenance, saving the inconvenience of common troubleshooting of machinery and equipment; At the same time, machines and equipment have the characteristics of 24-hour continuous work, which can achieve the production line production and processing of mass production; The final laser generator, scanning galvanometer are all imported genuine parts, to ensure the reliability of machinery and equipment and give customers higher trust.