Common problems in disassembly and installation of scanning galvanometer of laser marking machine

After the laser marking machine has been used for a period of time, it is very likely that the laser marking machine will not be able to do all the normal laser marking, or the light will not come out. After careful checking, we find that the vibration camera lens has a problem. At this time, you have to remove the scanning galvanometer and send it to the manufacturer or a specific repair Office for maintenance. After the repair, you have to install the scanning galvanometer.

Removal process of scanning galvanometer:

1. Unplug all the connecting lines, switching power supply system line, power line, motor to drive board line;

2. During the operation process, all objects such as laser marking machine, fingers, etc. should not hit the field glasses, especially the spectacle lenses;

3. Under the condition of completely turning off the power supply, dismantle the plug connector with the title text that can not be charged into the power supply. If there are some styles that do not have this connector, they can not be ignored;
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4. The hardware tools are usually used to pick the inside corner, twist the title text, and be careful to prevent the chassis plate from being connected with the driving plate of scanning galvanometer, so as to avoid excessive force;

5. Remove the drive plate, pack and place it, then remove the Y motor and X motor, and pay attention to the packing. Pack the board of the ultraviolet laser marking machine and its X and Y motors together, so that the daily task of removing the scanning galvanometer is completed, and it can be sent to the area where it can be repaired;
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Before the actual operation of machinery and equipment, customers try to read the instructions and relevant operation guidelines carefully, strictly implement the safety operation regulations, and laymen are not allowed to start.

① Ignite flammable materials nearby.

② In the whole process of laser cutting, due to different production and processing targets, it is likely to cause other radiation sources and harmful substances.
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③ Immediate direct exposure of the laser radiation source can cause physical damage. Therefore, the laser marking machine must be equipped with fire-fighting equipment in the application site of machinery and equipment. It is forbidden to accumulate inflammable, flammable and explosive objects around the operation platform and machinery and equipment. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain good natural ventilation as far as possible. The layman is strictly forbidden to get close to the machinery and equipment. The production and processing target and exhaust emission shall comply with local laws and regulations, policies and regulations. Laser cutting processing is likely to have risks, customers should carefully consider whether the target is suitable for laser work. There are high pressure or other potential risks inside the laser cutting equipment, and it is forbidden to disassemble the laser cutting equipment by non professional technical staff of the manufacturer. When the machine is started, there must be full-time personnel on duty. It is forbidden to leave without permission. Be sure to turn off all switching power supply before leaving.