Computer mouse surface 3D CO2 laser marking machine

Computer mouse surface 3D carbon dioxide laser marking machine, looking for Huiyao laser Xiaozheng, completely free of charge.

Laser marking machine uses high-efficiency energy relative density laser to carry out partial direct irradiation on the product workpiece, so that the surface raw materials vaporize or produce chemical changes of color change, and then leave a permanent mark. Laser marking can identify a variety of text, mark and pattern design, and the size of the identifier can even be achieved μ M is of the order of magnitude. In the marking software identification industry, the traditional laser marking machine has been widely used in the laser marking of all kinds of products, but with the development trend of the field, 3D laser marking machine is becoming more and more active in the sales market.

3D laser marking is a method of laser surface dent production and processing. Compared with the traditional 2D laser marking, the requirements of 3D laser marking on the surface flatness of production and processing targets have been greatly reduced, and the actual effects of production and processing are more diverse. It is a time for a large number of creative production processes.
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3D laser marking machine is a new laser marking method which overturns the traditional 2D laser marking. It can complete the laser marking of unique products such as plan, inclined plane, irregular surface, curved surface and broken block surface. The actual effect of laser marking is detailed and exquisite.

Compared with the previous 3D laser marking, 3D laser marking can carry out rapid laser marking for goods with uneven surface and irregular appearance, which not only improves the efficiency of production and processing, but also meets the requirements of today's humanized production and processing, and gives today's production and processing rich and colorful styles, For today's production and processing of raw materials to give a more creative production process.
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The price of 3D CO2 laser marking machine on the surface of computer mouse is not the same on the market. The actual demand depends on the model, specification, equipment and function of laser marking machine. It is generally suggested that you can call the laser marking machine manufacturer immediately to ask for samples, Huiyao laser will produce 3D laser marking machine. We warmly welcome you to inquire

Advantages of CO2 laser marking machine: using CO2 laser generator, it is a general model, with back focus method, small size and high integration level. The equipment can be used for laser marking of most non-metallic materials, such as paper packaging, plastic products, self-adhesive stickers, leather fabrics, glass ceramics, resin plastics, bamboo products, PCB boards, etc. CO2 laser generator is a vapor laser generator with the wavelength of far-infrared frequency. The gas discharge tube filled with CO2 vapor is selected as the material to cause the laser. When the working voltage is widened on the electrical level and the arc discharge is caused in the gas discharge tube, the vapor molecular structure can be released from the laser. After the kinetic energy of the laser is increased, the laser for the production and processing of raw materials will be produced.
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CO2 laser marking machine, also known as CO2 laser marking machine, is widely used in various industries, such as wooden furniture, plexiglass board, metal sheet, marble, amethyst, Corian, printing paper, Furong board, aluminum oxide, leather products, epoxy resin, plastics, medical equipment, ceramics, textile laser cutting, etc. 1. Dot matrix manual engraving dot matrix manual engraving looks like high pixel dot matrix printing. The laser cutting head shakes up and down, and each time manually carves a line composed of a series of points. Then the laser cutting head moves left and right at the same time, and manually carves several lines, which form a whole page of image or text. Scanner graphics, text and vectorized text can be used matrix manual carving. Laser spot welding machine.