Confiscate fake cosmetics! Ruifengheng laser marking machine is a new anti-counterfeiting technology for cosmetics.

Everyone loves beauty. Nowadays, cosmetics have become an indispensable necessity in people's life. However, a large number of fake and shoddy cosmetics enter the cosmetics market, which brings great safety risks to the health of consumers. This year, Aimei also has risks. If you are not careful, you will be disfigured! Have you ever used these internationally famous and popular cosmetics? According to media reports, Nanhai police in Foshan recently cracked a case of processing and selling counterfeit cosmetics. During the inspection, a batch of fake and shoddy cosmetics were seized, including more than 30000 bottles of fake and shoddy cosmetics, film machines, inkjet printers, label paper and other counterfeit tools, including X, X spring, sea X. The suspect was worth about 600 thousand yuan and arrested 8 suspects. The fight against fake and inferior products has begun. In addition to purchasing cosmetics through formal official channels or reputable online shopping platforms, how to use effective anti-counterfeiting means to identify the authenticity of cosmetics has become a hot topic.

Kaitai laser products produced by the company are deeply trusted by the majority of users, and exported to many countries and regions in the world to provide users with use, service and training support. In our daily life, we often see the application of laser coding. The utility model has the function of printing random code and anti-counterfeiting code. This function is just what the tobacco and alcohol industry needs at present. Laser marking machine is just as good as mineral water laser marking machine, and it is undeniable that fruit laser marking machine like China is both a smoker and a smoker. Therefore, there will be many enterprises that produce and sell fake and shoddy products without conscience. In order to make customers realize their own interests better and more safely, the anti-counterfeiting function of laser code maker has been purchased by tobacco and alcohol enterprises. It can be used for coding on each bottle of wine, each cover of wine or cigarette case, with clear coding and tamper proof. The company considers applying laser welding technology to automatic welding and welding consistency, so as to improve welding efficiency and reduce cost. Compared with other welding methods, laser welding has better availability and affordability. In order to effectively improve the work efficiency, improve the work efficiency of laser welding machine in the welding consistency automatic welding, reduce the cost is an important factor in the welding application. The power consumption is lower than W. It can process clear pictures and words of various materials. Compared with the krypton lamp pumped laser device, its working life is increased by tens of times and the power consumption is reduced.

Laser engraving.

This is an unknown or undeveloped option as there are laser welder applications. Because laser welding is asymmetric contact welding, it does not need the external pressure of the weldment, so it can better protect the original shape and physical characteristics of the weldment, and ensure the surface quality. Excellent laser equipment manufacturers can better solve these welding process problems, improve the welding quality, reduce the welding cost of users, and improve the production efficiency. The objects include: cardboard, cork, cloth, felt, leather, wood, plastic, EVA seal, etc. unfortunately, metal, stone and so on can not be carved.

Sales of plastic laser engraving machine

Companies usually focus on technological progress to achieve these goals, but many of the work may not consider laser welding, nor the high or complex cost of laser welding. Now, with the development of application technology of laser welding machine, it is easier to obtain and accept laser welding machine than ever before. The invention also has the advantages of high production efficiency, fast return on investment, etc., and is especially suitable for thin plate welding in high-tech enterprises. The object to be engraved is placed below and the sculptor is entered in the mobile application. The body size is * * mm and the weight is only G.

Plastic laser engraving machine

According to the cold processing technology, it can make the processed product materials more beautiful and have a broad development prospect. Under the condition of cold working, the influence probability of material is reduced to 1%. So that the advantages of processing can be brought into full play, and the laser technology has been greatly developed. It is believed that UV laser will be widely used in laser market in the future. Our factory mainly produces laser cutting machine, full protection super high speed fiber laser cutting machine, high power laser cutting machine manufacturer, Shenzhen laser cutting machine, welcome to inquire. The following laser manufacturer will share with you the cleaning steps of laser cutting machine lens. Blow the dust on the lens surface onto the tiger ball. Don't blow with your mouth, otherwise the lens will dry. The geometric errors of machine tools have certain regularity and can be compensated quantitatively, but some errors are random and can only be compensated through on-line detection and control. The object of laser cutting is thin plate or cover plate. The surface of machining object is uneven for various reasons, and the thermal effect in the cutting process will also cause the deformation of the workpiece surface. For the dimension laser processing, the uneven surface will be produced when the plate is pressed, and the laser focus, position and ideal position of the plate surface will change randomly.

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