Core technology principle of conventional Laser marking machine

At present, there are three types of marking machines: Laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine and electric corrosion marking machine. Laser marking machine is also known as radium engraving machine, Laser marking machine, laser inkjet printer, etc. different regions and industries have different names. Its marking principle is to use high-density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, absorb laser energy on the surface, so as to make the surface of the material abnormal, melting, melting Ablation, evaporation and other phenomena, and then form a permanent mark, some materials, such as special plastic, the surface of the workpiece heat absorption expansion will also form a permanent protruding mark, but only a very individual material.


According to the different lasers, Laser marking machine Laser marking machine can be divided into semiconductor Laser marking machine, CO2 Laser marking machine, fiber Laser marking machine and so on. They have different marking effects according to different marking materials. Generally speaking, semiconductor and fiber Laser marking machines are suitable for marking metal, plastic and other materials. CO2 laser is mainly for non-metal materials, such as acrylic, transparent plastic, ceramics, glass and other typical applications.

Pneumatic marking machine is also known as industrial pneumatic lettering, pneumatic coding machine, metal lettering machine, etc. its marking principle is that the computer controls the marking needle to move according to the specified track in the two-dimensional plane of X and Y axes. At the same time, the marking needle of ultraviolet Laser marking machine does high-frequency impact movement under the action of compressed air, so as to print a certain depth of permanent concave mark on the workpiece.

Portable marking machine, compared with the desktop, the portable marking machine is to put the printer head on the workpiece to work, the head design is light, easy to carry, for not easy to move large workpiece easy to achieve marking. Typical applications of pneumatic marking machine include gear marking, box marking, motorcycle frame number marking, automobile beam marking, engine marking, metal plate marking, etc.


From the original simple anti-counterfeiting logo to the current product "one thing one end pump Laser marking machine code" logo, traceability and marketing solution of Internet of things, the application scope of Laser marking machine has been greatly improved. Many traditional inkjet marking machines have been replaced by more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, simple and stable laser machines, How to continuously improve and expand the market share in the future?

Only by continuously improving the marking effect of different products, while ensuring the clarity, can the contrast be increased, so that consumers can more easily find the marking part, understand some production information (production links, traceability information) of the product, so that more products can use laser logo.