Difference between CNC cutting machine and engraving machine

CNC woodworking cutting machine and CNC woodworking carving machine belong to woodworking machinery processing equipment, which can be used for cutting and carving. For example, the whole house furniture customization, panel furniture production, office furniture production and children's furniture production and processing.


CNC woodworking engraving machine, the main role is to sculpt the main, used in panel furniture cabinet door line carving and wardrobe door carving hollow modeling.

CNC cutting machine belongs to the upgraded version of engraving machine, which can be done by any cutting machine. Because of different configurations, the machining accuracy and speed of cutting machine are much higher than that of ordinary engraving machine, and the cabinet door can be processed in function.

So what are the advantages of CNC cutting machine compared with woodworking engraving machine? It mainly includes the following aspects:

1、 When selecting the type of motor, the cutting machine generally adopts hybrid servo, domestic servo or imported servo, which is different from the stepping servo of ordinary engraving machine, mainly to meet the requirements of high speed and high precision and improve the processing efficiency.

2、 Engraving machine does not need large-scale cutting, cutting machine needs large-scale cutting. Carving machine need to use lace knife to do modeling, cutting machine is cutting and punching.

3、 The cutting machine is equipped with basic auxiliary loading and unloading device, and can be connected to the automatic loading and unloading platform, which is not provided by the engraving machine.


4、 The opening machine needs to turn the plate and need secondary positioning when opening and punching, so it is equipped with positioning cylinder, while the engraving machine does not need to turn the plate and has no positioning cylinder.


5、 The size of spindle power affects the processing effect, so for high-speed cutting machine, need to choose high-power spindle, common 4.5kw, 6kW, 9kw, 12KW, etc., and engraving machine choose power is generally small.


6、 Cutting machine is used for high precision and heavy load work such as plate cutting. The average processing speed of the numerical control cutting machine can reach 15m / min, and the cutting plate is required to be free of defects such as edge chipping, sawtooth and wavy grain. Heavy bed, high quality rail rack can ensure that the machine will not deform in the process of long-term high-speed operation. However, the engraving machine is slow in cutting, low in precision, long time and heavy load operation, which seriously affects the service life of the equipment.


So CNC cutting machine is better than CNC woodworking engraving machine? In a word, CNC engraving machine can do it, but cutting machine can not do it.


So if you just do some door hollowed out carving relief cutting, then you can choose woodworking carving machine, if you do panel furniture, involving cabinet and cabinet door, then it is best to choose CNC cutting machine.