Different types of Laser marking machine choose to make text shallow processing

There are more and more types of Laser marking machines in the market. According to the types, they can be divided into fiber Laser marking machines, CO2 Laser marking machines, ultraviolet Laser marking machines, etc. if they are classified according to the specifications, they are portable Laser marking machines and desktop Laser marking machines. According to the material classification, they are metal Laser marking machines and non-metal Laser marking machines, In the face of so many types of Laser marking machines, it is more important for us to choose Laser marking machines with different powers according to our own marking materials, so how to choose the power of Laser marking machines.


Fiber Laser marking machine is the most commonly used metal marking machine in the market at present, which can mark a few Laser marking machines. The power of fiber Laser marking machine is 20, 30, 50, 75, 100. Generally speaking, 20W optical fiber marking machine can mark a lot of metal materials. At the same time, 30W optical fiber marking machine has the same marking effect, which is faster and deeper than 20W optical fiber marking machine.


CO2 Laser marking machine is commonly used in non-metallic marking, usually using CO2 gas as the medium, the heat affected area is very small, there is no thermal effect, there is no material burning problem; Marking speed is fast, high efficiency, usually bamboo, cloth, ceramics, acrylic, glass and other materials with a shorter wavelength CO2 Laser marking machine.


Ultraviolet Laser marking machine


The biggest difference between UV Laser marking machine and the above two kinds of Laser marking machine is that it belongs to cold processing, and the former two are both hot processing. UV Laser marking machine generally has 3 watts, 5 watts, 10 watts, these markets use more power, the higher the power, the higher the price.


The use of Laser marking machine has brought us great convenience. Laser marking machine is a kind of high-tech modern technology equipment. The application scope of this kind of marking machine equipment is relatively wide. Many words on various electronic components or building materials are printed by Laser marking machine. However, when using this kind of equipment, there will be some problems, such as the words printed by the end pump Laser marking machine are very shallow. The main reasons for this situation are as follows:


  1. There is deviation in the optical path: don't worry if this happens. First, readjust the optical path. If the focal length is not right, adjust the focal length to make sure that the workpiece is in the right focus and let it return to the best state.


  1. The lens is dirty, and there are stains: this problem can be solved as long as some cotton swabs are used to dip some alcohol on it, and then the various lenses, beam expanders and focus lenses of the Laser marking machine are wiped to remove the stains on them.