DIY production of handlebar 02: laser engraving and cutting machine based on Marlin firmware

Arduino is an approachable open source platform, the entry level is not high, just need to have a simple understanding of computer programming can be flexible to use, programming, a large number of packaged classes and libraries are also very convenient to call up, hardware costs, accessories costs are not high, it is very suitable for engineering designers to use.


In order to let some laymen keep up with the pace, before DIY production is officially approved, I'd like to briefly introduce the composition of laser engraving and cutting machine, as well as some key accessories and technical terms.


The laser engraving and cutting machine is generally assembled by x-axis and y-axis linear modules plus laser module. The horizontal linear module is x-axis, and the vertical linear module is y-axis. The x-axis is installed on the slide block of y-axis, and the laser module is installed on the slide block of x-axis, The length of x-axis and y-axis (linear motion range) determines the working range of laser engraving and cutting machine.


Laser module is a device that can produce high energy density laser beam. The power of laser module determines whether to carve or cut. Special attention: the laser module has certain danger. At any time (whether it is powered on or not), the laser exit must not point at the human body, inflammables and mirror reflectors. When debugging and using the laser module, you must wear goggles in advance!

When purchasing laser module, it is equipped with free goggles as standard. If not, please change to another store to buy laser module immediately.


After a preliminary understanding of the laser engraving and cutting machine, we officially started the project.


Here, some friends will ask, isn't DIY making a small machine? Why is it so troublesome as to do a big project? It's better to start directly. In fact, it's not like this. Seemingly simple and redundant projects play an important role in the final completion of the production. Next, I'll talk about the content of the project:

  1. Purpose of the machine: carving and cutting. Whether the machine will be used for carving or cutting in the future should be known before production. Different uses will lead to different choices of accessories and different production costs.


  1. Working range of the machine: the moving range of XY plane. What size of graphics can machines carve or cut in the future. According to the needs of each person, you can choose a different range of work, and then determine the size of the machine and accessories.
  1. The moving speed and positioning accuracy of the machine: the moving speed of the work, the accuracy of carving and cutting. Moving speed and positioning accuracy have some influence on each other.
  1. Control motherboard: Arduino uno CNC V3 Suite (left), mega2560 ramps1.4 Suite (right). Motherboard is the core component to control the movement of the machine, and it is the brain of laser engraving and cutting machine. Different motherboards have different firmware programs and different functions.
  1. Scalability: DIY makes a laser engraving machine, which may be modified and upgraded in the future, turning it into a writing machine, multi axis machining center, 3D printer, etc. It's a multi-purpose, multi-functional machine. Before you start production, you should have this expectation in mind. Of course, if you just want to use the special machine, or if you're a local tyrant regardless of the cost, you don't need to consider the scalability.
  1. Cost: DIY production must take some money and time, and there are a lot of brain cells. Friends who want to be relaxed suggest buying ready-made machines directly. Laser carving and cutting machines are easy to buy, and the quality is also high. If you want to learn some technology to make DIY by yourself, the capital required for DIY production must be less than buying ready-made ones. How much less can it be, It should be about half less. If you want to make DIY, please support it. If you have different requirements for the machine, please set up the project according to your own needs and goals.