Does laser marking wear off?

There are many reasons that affect the effect of laser marking.
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Laser, it is the heart of laser marking machine. When purchasing, we should not only look at the brand and price, but also learn to look at the parameters, what it represents.

Galvanometer, galvanometer is also an important part of the whole performance.

Lens, the longer the focal depth of lens, the better the relative processing effect, and the smaller the focus spot, the more precise the laser marking machine engraving.

Beam expander, which can be configured according to the requirements, can increase the multiple of beam expansion and the size of light spot.
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The control card is the nerve center of the laser marking system.

Everything has two sides. Laser marking technology is not harmful to human body. But this depends on how to apply, normal and safe operation process, certainly will not hurt people, but illegal operation, any equipment is with security risks. The laser produced by CO2 laser will damage human skin and tissue. This kind of equipment should have safety protection measures. In addition, laser marking will produce strong light, which is not suitable for long-time visual inspection. It is recommended to wear goggles. Of course, it depends on the size of the company. Big companies are safer and have better equipment quality, such as Wuhan Jiaxin laser.
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The laser of laser marking machine belongs to four kinds of laser. When the laser marking machine is working, if you look at it, the laser beam and the scattered light of the laser will do harm to your eyes. Wear protective glasses. Laser beam can also damage the skin. It is not allowed to irradiate the skin with laser beam. Hope to help you, hope to adopt, thank you. Laser home