Domestic mobile phone laser marking machine

In the modern times, young people are looking forward to the unusual, the pursuit of perfect fashion. Whether it's food, clothing, housing, transportation, or clothing, they all expect to reflect their originality.

As like as two peas, the intelligent production line is more and more abundant, but most of the standardized products are the same. It is difficult to reflect the different individual requirements of everyone.

The most obvious example is the suitcase. As soon as you arrive at the airport bus station, you will find that everyone's suitcases are basically the same. It's very easy to get them wrong. Fortunately, smart people will stick paper stickers with special design on their suitcases.

The idea of pursuing perfect personalization and exclusivity was quickly discovered by some stores. More and more fields have already released private customized service projects to enable customers to carry out "secondary production and processing" according to their own ideas.

Today, I will unpack and evaluate a smart and safe woodpecker laser marking machine that can be used at home, in stores and in company offices. With such a high-tech product, you can easily carve various humanized patterns on the surface of objects.

When it comes to laser marking, I don't think everyone will be moved. At present, laser marking has been widely used in industrial production, commodity design and other aspects. As everyone knows, the laser marking in the image printing is a very large and high-precision equipment, which not only takes up the indoor space, but also has to be technically and technically complicated.

Today's highly recommended high-tech woodpecker laser marking machine, independently developed by China Hi Hing Technology Co., Ltd., is "the smallest laser printer in the world". And the use of modular, assembly telescopic storage finishing does not occupy indoor space.

Woodpecker laser marking machine not only has complete functions, but also is very easy to operate in practice. Cooperate with the exclusive woodpecker app on the mobile phone, submit a picture that you like, select the material that must be hand carved, and fix it on the actual console.

Then click on the mobile phone to gradually carve by hand, and a blue and purple light will be emitted from the laser marking machine. In an instant, there will be marks on the hand carved objects, and the selected photos will be ready in a few minutes.
Ceramic tile laser engraving machine

Not only can you manually carve and download good designs for free, but the woodpecker app also plays a strong role in writing. Both photos and handwritten signatures can be written according to their own actual effects. In order to better ensure the best practical effect of manual carving, the woodpecker laser marking machine is also equipped with infrared laser, intelligent laser ranging function, which can complete focusing.

According to the point trajectory of the projection laser, you should be able to predict the position of the interface on the surface of the hand carved object before laser marking. Complete flexible and accurate positioning, so that hand carving more assured.

It is worth mentioning that woodpecker laser marking machine can be hand carved on the surface of a variety of materials. For example, cardboard, felt, cork, plastic, leather products, and even the surface of fresh fruit can be carved patterns. But hard raw materials like metal and stone can't be carved by hand~
Laser engraving machine for leather

In order to better maintain your safety in the whole process of the application of CNC engraving machine, woodpecker laser marking machine also gives laser protective glasses, laser protective cover and other five safety precautions, so that you can operate more at ease.
Acrylic laser engraving machine

For cultural and creative stores or DIY employees, such a low-cost, does not occupy indoor space, convenient and practical operation of the laser marking machine. It must be "artifact in work", which makes the complicated work more and more efficient and simple. With such a laser marking machine, you can carve your favorite patterns on the surface of the object at any time. Light light will become strange, so that daily life full of new ideas!